31 Days of Fitness: Hamstring Series

Dana Cubillan

Welcome to 31 Days of Fitness, where we bring you a targeted exercise move every day for the entire month, so you can build up your very own personal workout routine to your best body ever.  Each move in this series was designed by former professional dancer and fitness guru Andrea Rogers, whose Xtend Barre studios have grown to 170 locations worldwide.

Her body lengthening and butt toning exercises can be done with no equipment, in the comfort of your own home! We’ve also enlisted model Julie Henderson (who has seven consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues under her belt, btw) to star in our easy to follow fitness gifs, making this the easiest workout plan you’ve ever had.  Check out below for to day’s move!

Today’s move: Hamstring Series

Hamstring Series

Place your hands on a chair slightly in front of your body. Open your feet hip distance apart and place a weight behind your knee. Soften your knee of supporting leg. Press working leg back so that it’s behind the other knee. Press the knee back for 16 reps, maintaining slight posterior pelvic tilt. Then open the working leg to your side, lower and lift the leg. Continue for 8 reps.

While you are pressing your leg out, be sure to not lean your body into the chair.