30 Unique Braids from Pinterest

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30 Unique Braids from Pinterest
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We could spend hours sifting through all the unique braided hairstyles on Pinterest (and in fact, we do—our braids board is proof).

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Here's one of our favorites: an upgraded side braid with mini braids built in. 15 Beauty Organization Ideas From Pinterest
Photo: © Pinned by MagnoliaPR via modernsalon.com

Whats better than one waterfall braid? Two! 20 Amazing Eye Liner Looks From Pinterest

Photo: © Pinned by Spilltojill @ E&M Munchies via Refinery 29

A braid paired with a messy-chic chignon is perfect for any event. 10 New Ways To Do The Twist

Photo: © Pinned by Rachel Hansen via myyellowsandbox.blogspot.com

Wrap a braid around the base of your ponytail to give it extra bounce. 20 Messy-Chic Hairstyles From Pinterest

Photo: © Pinned by yesstyle.com via uniquesurroundings.biz

This unique fishtail braid was created by weaving two smaller fishtail braids together. Get The Look: Rachel Weiszs Sleek Low Bun

Photo: © Pinned by April Luong via aprilalala.tumblr.com

One extra large Dutch braid with a side of chignon, coming right up! Get The Look: Rodartes Rocker Princess Braids

Photo: © Pinned by Kynzie Smedsrud via tumblr.com

This zig zag fishtail braid is anything but ordinary. 12 Celebs Who Make Bed Head Look Hot

Photo: © pinned by Spilltojill @ E&M Munchies via http://pinterest.com/nymbrands/braided-hair/

A messy, braided updo will help keep your neck cool at the beach. 10 Romantic hairstyles For Date Night

Photo: © Pinned by Valerie LeComte via http://pinterest.com/atlanticpacific/all-things-fashion/

Tuck and pin a loose braid underneath your hair for a sleek updo. Olivia Wilde Had Purple HairBut Thats Not Her Biggest Beauty Regret

Photo: © Pinned by Valerie LeComte via fuckyeahrunwayhair.tumblr.com

Wrap your top knot with a some tiny, loose braids for the ultimate prima ballerina look. 5 Ways To Hide Your Bangs

Photo: © Pinned by Valerie LeComte via Pinterest app

Loosely braid your hair back and tie the braid in a messy top knot for an effortless look, perfect for running errands or a lunch date with friends. 20 Masks For Every Hair Type

Photo: © Pinned by Sarah Kieffer via SoLeadUsThere.tumblr.com

Heres a great way to amp up an average low pony. New Hair Idea: Jennifer Lawrences Ponytail French Twist Hybrid

Photo: © Pinned by Lisa Wray via Fashion Plate

Why buy a headband when you can braid your own hair for the same effect? 10 Layered Hairstyles You'll Love

Photo: © Pinned by Rebecca Paul via fuckyeahfashionn.tumblr.com

We love the idea of a peek-a-boo braid under a chic, wide brimmed hat. How To Give Your Hair Sexy, Piece-y Texture

Photo: © Pinned by Rebekah Cook via bonadragboutique.blogspot.com

We never thought a braid this messy could look so chic. The Ultimate Guide To Shiny Hair

Photo: © Pinned by Rebekah Cook via Depends What Day It Is

This headband braid has way more wow factor than the typical French. Two Messy-Chic Hairstyles We Loved This Week

Photo: © Pinned by Hillary Lang via loveblair.blogspot.fr

Two fishtail braids pulled back and wrapped together with your own hair makes for a simple, yet gorgeous look. You can even try it with a three-strand braid if a fishtail is too hard. Top 10 Half-Up Hairstyles

Photo: © Pinned by Hillary Lang via Big Fashion Geek

This braided pompadour and Prada sunglasses como is a street style photographers dream. Could You Pull Off Platinum Hair?

Photo: © Pinned by Tomoko Takeda via Refinery29

A braided mohawk goes hand in hand with a tough leather jacket, no? Top 10 Messy-Chic Hairstyles

Photo: © Pinned by Seventeen Magazine via HairColorIdeas.com

This peek-a-boo braid is perfect for a summer wedding. Get The Look: Lucy Lius Fishtail Braid and Fresh Makeup

Photo: © Pinned by Kelli Acciardo via ModernSalon.com

We have no idea how they did it, but were in awe over this basket weave braid. Get The Look: Amanda Seyfrieds Twisted Topknot

Photo: © Pinned by Tomoko Takeda via hippster-barbie.tumblr.com

A partial updo braided into a heart makes for a great Valentines Day hairstyle. Hair Idea: We Deconstruct Lea Micheles Textured Braid

Photo: © Pinned by Kelli Acciardo via Joannagoddard.blogspot.com

Three braided chignons are better than one! Two Easy, 10-Second Hair Ideas for Weekday Mornings

Photo: © Pinned by CMMPR via The Beauty Thesis

This dreamy hairstyle has everything we love: flowers, braids, and pink hair. 3 Classic Hairstyles, 3 Easy Upgrades

Photo: © Pinned by Arthur Dyago via 24.media.tumblr.com

Were not sure what to call this braid, but we want it. 3 Incredibly Simple (And Totally Glamorous!) Day-To-Night Hair Ideas

Photo: © Pinned by Kim Fowler via Hair and Beauty Pics

A messy braided crown looks so whimsical with her doll-like eyes. Top 10 Quick & Easy Hairstyles

Photo: © Pinned by Brittney Sampson via Social Bliss

This is what a modern day Princess Leia would look like. Top 15 Wavy Hairstyles

Photo: © Pinned by Brittney Sampson via Social Bliss

Two cornrow braids add some edge to an elegant blow out. How To Keep Your Hair Color Vibrant This Winter

Photo: © Pinned by Hair Romance via Hair Romance

The placement of hair color really makes her upside down French braid pop. 5 Zero-Commitment Ways to Change Your Hair

Photo: © pinned by Latest Hairstyles (uploaded by user)

The perfect music festival hair: a fishtail braid and pretty flowers. Would You Wear It? Florence Welchs Heidi Braid and Chain Necklace Look

Photo: © Pinned by Camille Juco via Endless Summer

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