3 Ways To Get Supermodel Hair

Shannon Farrell

Alessandra Ambrosio

Whether they’re on the pages of a magazine, strutting their stuff down the runway or even just walking around the streets of New York, supermodels can’t help but induce hair envy. We recently caught up with celebrity hair stylist, Dominick Pucciarello, mane man to Doutzen KroesAlessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima, to find out how he gets their hair just right. Here’s how to get three of our favorite supermodel hair looks at home.

Bombshell Volume
Pucciarello offered us a tip to give even the thinnest of hair the extra boost for that supermodel bombshell look. “To give thin hair texture, the best option is to add mousse or a volume spray like L’Oréal Professionel Volumetry Anti-Gravity Volumizing Root Lift Spray [$24.50, LPsalons.com for salons] before you start your blowout.” Massage your roots with your fingertips while blow-drying for added lift. His hairdryer of choice? The new Kiss Tornado 360 Dryer ($29.99, kissusa.com) that protects against heat damage with a unique nozzle that eliminates the need to shake the dryer. “Brush hair section by section and set hair with pin curls or Velcro rollers to help set and cool the sections.” Release once cool for perfect volume.

Bouncy Blowout
Blowouts look so easy to recreate in the salon, but once you get home and put a brush in one hand and a blow dryer in the other, it seems almost impossible. Pucciarello provided us with some beginner tips. “Flip your head upside down to get most of the wetness out,” he says. “Section hair from ear to ear and then in the back, splitting hair in half and then down the middle.” Dry hair on each side with the nozzle pointed down your hair to the ends. “When you reach the crown, use a round brush if you want to achieve volume or a Mason Pearson brush for a straight and silky look.”

Model Off-Duty Texture
“My favorite products for texture are Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($39, oribe.com) and L’Oréal Professionel True Grip Texturizing Powder ($16.50, LPsalons.com for salons). These achieve maximum texture and grip with only a small amount of product.” He suggests using texturizers at either the roots, strands or ends — not all three. Choosing one section keeps the hair from getting crunchy.

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