3 Things You Never Knew About Smokey Eyes

Caroline Murray
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In order to be a successful beauty blogger you must know a few essentials: where to put a comma, the difference between foundation and BB cream, and how to create a smokey eye. While I have conquered the first two, the latter is more of an art I’m still figuring out. So this weekend I hit up beauty boot camp taught by makeup guru, Raychel Wade, to see if I could perfect my favorite evening look. Here are five things the NYC makeup artist and founder of beauty company, Cheek To Chic, taught me.

10 Sexy Smoky Eye Looks

1. If you’re trying to create a really sultry smokey eye, be bold with eyeliner and apply it symmetrically. What that means is that eyeliner should be on the top and bottom of your eyes, as well as the inner and outer lash lines. Don’t be afraid to smudge or get messy, that’s what a sexy smokey eye is!

2. Getting all the dark shades in the right place is important, but there’s a trick to blending them all together: using a bit of brown shadow. When all the eyeshadow has been applied to your lid, use a crease brush or fluffy brush and blend a light brown color over the outside corners of your eyes and above your crease. This will create a more natural-looking transition from the dark shadows to your paler skin.

The Beginner’s Guide To Liquid Eyeliner

3. For the ultimate cherry-on-top moment, add some false lashes to your look. Never learned how to do it? No problem. Buy a band of lashes and dark glue, or glue that will dry clear—like Sonia Kashuk Full Glam Eyelashes ($4.99, Target)— and make sure the band fits the length of your lid. If not, you can always trim the ends. Pick up the end of your lashes with tweezers and dip the band into glue (squeezed on your hand). Next, apply the band close to the middle of your upper lash line and let go almost immediately—you don’t want your tweezers to stick and pull the lashes with them. Lastly, press the outer corners on to your lash line and let them dry.

With these tricks under my belt, I was feeling ready for a night out on the town, Paris Hilton-style. Do you have any tips to perfecting a smokey eye?

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