3 Products To Never Leave Home Without


As women, we have a responsibility to ourselves and others to make sure when we leave the house each day we don’t look like a total disaster. Even on the days when we wake up late, can’t figure out what to wear and have yet to shower we’re still expected to pull it together. And why shouldn’t we be? Let guys take the lazy route while we ladies stand out.

Maintain your everyday composure by making sure to never leave the house without your three must-have-on-you-at-all-times beauty products.


1. A compact

Complete with a mirror, mini brush and magic shade that matches your skin tone. Having a mirror on you is essential. So you’re on a dinner date in one of those hole-in-the-wall awesome restaurants on the Lower East Side, where the bathroom is no frills and has no mirror, but you need to make sure that the seaweed from you sushi isn’t stuck between your teeth. Whip out your handy compact and remain confident for the rest of the night.


2. A travel bottle of hair spray

You’re at a club dancing up a storm when you head to the bathroom, and eeek! Your perfect ponytail is no longer perfect as flyaways and stray hairs have snuck out from underneath your hair-tie. With a travel-sized spray bottle you can keep your hair under wraps with one or two simple squirts.


3. Chapstick

Even if you don’t have your signature lipstick or lip-gloss on you, it’s important to keep Chapstick with you. Dry lips can be a total disaster especially if it’s too cold, too hot or better yet if you’re on a date with a guy that you haven’t yet kissed, he’ll be thankful you didn’t leave a lipstick mark and (if he’s a bad kisser) so will you.