3 Plastic Surgeries Can Make You 9 Years Younger, Study Says

Rachel Adler

A new study has been released by the University of Toronto that says that plastic surgery can take an average of nine years off of a person’s “age appearance.” The results not only quantify the youth-giving effects of plastic surgery, but researchers also found that their results held true even when patients were younger to begin with, according to the Daily Mail.

The study also found that the more plastic surgery procedures an individual has had, the greater the number of years between real and perceived age. For the study, before-and-after photos were shown to 40 first year medical students. They were then asked to estimate the ages of the group before they went under the knife, and then afterwards.

The patients had all undergone a variety of facial lifts (and had each had between one and three procedures). To the medical students, patients who had more lifts, nips or tucks looked noticeably younger than their peers.

The authors of the study wrote in their findings that they hope that doctors take this and give patients solid evidence ‘when formulating their preoperative expectations.’ They also added that their data raised further questions such as, ‘How many years’ reduction in perceived aging can we achieve while retaining a natural untreated look? Many patients state that they “want to look good for their age.” What does this really mean? Is it a qualitative measure, or can it be quantified?

What do you think this study will do for plastic surgery? Were you surprised that three surgeries could make you look nine years younger? And, are you worried that people have unrealistic expectations?

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