3 Favorite Haircolors Right Now

drew barrymore jennifer aniston 3 Favorite Haircolors Right Now

I love the cover of this month’s Marie Claire! How gorgeous do Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore and Ginnifer Goodwin look? MAJOR!!! I gotta say, I have never been a real big fan of Jennifer (don’t hate) and I don’t know much about Ginnifer, but I have been captivated by Drew ever since I saw her call her brother “penis breath” at age five in the movie ET – genius.

Anyway…they all look spectacular on the cover. I love the representation of the three hair color pallets. First, we see Ginnifer, right on trend with her deep brunette with subtle tone on tone variation. Next is Drew, a favorite of mine because she is not afraid to take risks with her sense of humor, her fashion, her activism and in this case, with her hair color. Finally, Miss Aniston – I have to hand it to her – she is hands down the number one celebrity example of a blond when clients come into the salon requesting sunkist, beachy hair color. Jennifer has found a look that works for her and stuck with it – beautiful.

My only question is, how do they make all these women look the same age – 22?!?! LOL – I love the magic of a little re-touching! What do you think? LMK</p