25 Beauty Mistakes We’ve All Made

Augusta Falletta

beauty mistakes

It’s no secret that we’re in a serious, committed relationship with hair and makeup. We spend time together every day, try new things and settle in on our favorites, regardless of how long it takes to find them. Sometimes, though, there are mistakes along the way, and we’re willing to bet our favorite red lipstick that we’re not the only ones who make mistakes with beauty. Everyone knows the pain of a bad haircut or streaky self-tanner, but at least if we’re making these mistakes, we’re learning something at the same time. Because we’re all in the same boat here, we’ve put together a list of 25 beauty mistakes we’ve all made, below. Take a look and tell us which mistakes you’ve made, and which you’ll never make again!

1. Buying a foundation color two shades too dark and not blending at the jaw line.

2. Refusing to use base coat because it’s a “waste of time,” then being upset when your nails turn yellow.

3. Getting pluck happy: Tweezing your eyebrows to the point of needing an eyebrow pencil to fill things in.

4. Butterfly clips.

5. Accidentally buying waterproof mascara, but not waterproof eye makeup remover.

6. Using a fragrance for so long that you become immune to the scent, resulting in over-spraying and a lot of angry faces from people on the train.

7. Applying hair oil directly to your scalp.

8. Trying to contour and ending up looking like Paint-by-Numbers.

9. Touching your face throughout the day. This undoubtedly turns into acne.

10. Wearing a lipstick color that’s far too bright for your complexion.

11. Wearing a lipstick color that’s far too dull for your complexion.

12. Going to the gym with loads of makeup on your face.

13. Applying dry shampoo on top of your hair instead of underneath, leading to powdery white roots.

14. Getting a drastic haircut after making a life-altering decision (and hating it).

15. Forgetting where you already applied self tanner, resulting in massive streaks.

16. Using non-color treated shampoo on your color treated hair.

17. Gluing your eyes half shut when applying false eyelashes.

18. Refusing to wear sunscreen when you’re not at the beach.

19. Getting a ponytail fully styled and ready, without having a hair tie ready to secure the pony. The one-armed search begins.

20. Leaving the house without checking for lipstick on your teeth.

21. Applying eyeliner without smudging.

22. Settling on a second-rate box hair color at the store because the color you want is sold out.

23. Forgetting to exfoliate before you use self-tanner.

24. Skipping a heat protectant before you use a blow dryer, curling iron, straightener, or any other hot styling tool.

25. Washing your makeup brushes less than once a week, leading to major breakouts and dull skin.

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