5 New (Fun!) Ways To Lose Weight

5 New (Fun!) Ways To Lose Weight
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The 21st century woman barely has time in her schedule to hit the gym, and the hottest fitness centers in the country are responding with a workout revolution. "Fusion and time saver classes are the biggest fitness trends emerging this year," says Tanya Becker, Co-Founder of Physique 57 (www.physique57.com). "People want to do a workout that combines a little bit of everything and get the most efficient workout for their time and investment." Classes at this of-the-moment studio are for the modern multi-tasker, simultaneously working several muscle groups. For girls on the go, Physique 57 offers an array of 30 minute quickies that will tone your arms and abs.

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Coveted trainers like Jake Steinfeld of Body by Jake can only fit so many clients into their schedule, so Steinfeld developed Fit Orbit (www.fitorbit.com), which puts trainers and trainees in touch 24/7, he started a techno-fitness revolution. This program allows you and your trainer to communicate via text and email so your personalized diet and fitness goals are constantly being updated. At $10 per week it is a steal.

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Welcome to the new Saturday night hot spot... and we mean that literally. Inside Barry's Bootcamp (www.barrysbootcamp.com) on a weekend night you'll find herds of fitness junkies (the Kardashians included) equipped with exercise gear on a disco-themed dance floor ready to work up a sweat. This dance party includes everything from cardio and toning, to partner exercises and bubble machines. You'll never have to skip happy hour for the gym again!

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For the fitness-ista who wants to challenge her body and mind, Circuit of Change (www.circuitofchange.com) focuses on physical and mental wellness. The program combines the fitness principles of gymnastics and boxing with the holistic benefits of yoga and mediation. What convinced us to give it a try? Each class burns 600-1000 calories!

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"Dance-based workouts are all the rage," Becker told us. In that case, we understand the Zumba fitness craze. The fitness-boosting dance classes have become so popular at gyms across the country that Wii recently launches a do-it-at-home Zumba game. Pop Zumba Fitness ($26.99, Amazon.com) into your Wii and get an effective, trendy workout right in your living room.

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