Best of 2012: The Celebrity Makeovers That Made Our Jaws Drop

Augusta Falletta
Best of 2012: The Celebrity Makeovers That Made Our Jaws Drop
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As the year comes to a close, we’re looking back on 2012 through the lens of celebrity makeovers, of which there was no shortage. Last year, long hair (read: extensions) were all the rage, and while some of our favorite Hollywood sirens have kept their voluminous hair, we’ve noticed a huge shift towards short, statement-making cuts. Whether it was a pixie or a lob, there’s been a myriad of singers, actresses and the like to take the plunge. Plus, the color changes have been almost too much to keep up with, but we’ve sorted through all of the major changes to find our absolute favorite makeovers of the year.

If you’re thinking of changing up your look, we suggest first heading to our sister site, Daily Makeover, to try out your favorite celeb’s hairstyle on your own face. The best part? No regret about a cut afterwards, and you might just find a style you’ve never thought of actually looks gorgeous on you.

Take a look at our favorite celebrity makeovers from the year and tell us which you loved in the comment section below! 

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Since her star rose in 2001 with the premiere of "The Princess Diaries", Anne Hathaway has been famous for dramatic hair transformations in film. Her most recent decision to go for a pixie cut came with her most recent role in "Les Miserables". Anne's new haircut has inspired a slew of other actresses to take the plunge as well, and we don't think anything could suit her better.

In the case of most women, there's a clear answer for which picture is better between the "before" and "after" shots, but in the very exceptional case of Emma Stone, she looks stunning with any cut, color, or style. We've become partial to Emma as a blonde with a blunt fringe, but we love her equally as a fiery red head. 

It's difficult for supermodel of the moment Karlie Kloss to look anything but flawless. Her new bob with bangs is such an adorable combination and accentuates her cheekbones much more than her old hairstyle. We approve, Karlie. 

Between the fan fiction hit "Hunger Games" and SAG Award nominated "Silver Linings Playbook", Jennifer Lawrence has certainly been in demand. Her golden hair originally changed because of her role as Katniss Everdeen, but she's kept the dark look for future roles. Jennifer is another case of being able to pull off each look equally. 

Miley Cyrus has gone through multiple hair transformations throughout 2012, but the most drastic was her bleach blonde faux hawk. The newly engaged singer is outwardly expressive and maintains that she has never felt more like herself than with her current 'do. 

Dakota Fanning has been coming into her own as she becomes a young adult, and part of growing up is experimenting with new looks. While her bangs compliment her face shape nicely, we prefer Dakota as a blonde. 

Julianne Hough has been busy filming multiple films and enjoying the limelight of blockbuster hit "Rock of Ages" this past year. Her new layered long bob makes her stand out as a star, separating her from all of the women with straight, long blonde hair. Way to take it up a notch, Julianne! 

Arguably the voice of a generation, Lena Dunham wears success well. The first announcement of her chopped locks via Twitter was a bit concerning, but since then we've come to fawn over her sophisticated pixie cut because, well, that's what all adventurous women do. 

Demi Lovato certainly has that X factor when it comes to hair. Her drastic change from bombshell blonde to rich brunette was shocking in the best way possible. As far as her bangs go, we prefer the sideswept look. 

Rihanna is one of the only women in the world confident enough to be on a runway with every Victoria's Secret angel and still hold her own. Through her many hairdos of 2012, we fancy her pixie cut in particular. Plus, she rocks it with a red lip for a killer combo. 

Making a change from her period look in "Mad Men", Elizabeth Moss stepped out with a short, blonde cut and the jaws of beauty editors everywhere were dropping. Elizabeth has since had to revert back to brunette for her recurring role as Peggy Olson on the show, but we're glad we got to enjoy her as a blonde even if it was only a short run. 

Having gone through five of the world's wildest movie premieres over the past few years, Ashley Greene is a professional when it comes to being in front of the camera. This year, she traded a head of fierce red hair to dark, slick locks. Between the two, we really can't decide which makes her look more gorgeous. 

Sophia Bush of "One Tree Hill" and, most recently, "Partners" fame made the change to full-frontal bangs just in time for the new year, and so far, we like what we see. Keep it coming, Sophia. 

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