2009 Resolutions: Help Girls Build Self-Esteem

Megan McIntyre

I recently found out that 57% percent of all girls have a mother who criticizes her own looks. I totally believe this statistic because I sometimes fuss about my frizzy hair or ask my husband “Do I look fat in this?” right in front of my 3 year old daughter, Amelia. But, it wasn’t until I spent some time learning about the Dove Campaign for Self-Esteem that I realized how this behavior can have such a huge negative impact on her. Self-criticism has a direct connection to low self-esteem and, according to Dove, 7 in 10 girls believe they do not measure up in some way, including how they look. This is worrisome.

So, my resolution this year is to participate in a Dove Self-Esteem Fund Workshop, which gives a hands-on opportunity to interact with young girls to help them widen their definition of beauty and love who they are–inside and out. Not only is this a great to give back to my community, but I’ll learn how to help my own children develop a healthy attitude towards beauty.

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