20 Of The Best Sunscreens To Keep You Safe In The Sun

Emma Sayles
20 Of The Best Sunscreens To Keep You Safe In The Sun
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Summer is fast approaching and that means outdoor barbecues, lazy days in your bikini by the pool or at the beach, playing outside sports, and endless hours spent wandering around enjoying yourself outside in the wonderful weather. Though these activities are fun and what we look forward to with summer, you need to take some precautions. What also comes with summer is the sun bearing down on us which leads to awful burns. With rising awareness of skin cancer and of course the awful aging effects of tanning, it’s extra important to remember to put on your sunscreen every single day.

Now if you’re feeling a little clueless about what kind of sunscreen would be right for you, have no fear.  We’ve done the research and have found the absolute best sunscreens that are out there to keep you safe throughout the summer. Now get on your bikini and go have a great time!

What kind of sunscreen do you use to protect yourself in the sun? Tell us in the comment section below! 

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This sunscreen by skin genius Neutrogena absorbs into skin quickly and goes on clean. 

(Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 45 at drugstore.com, $8.55)

This sunscreen will go on smooth without any of that gross sticky feeling and also provides great coverage.

(Kate Somerville Protect SPF 55 at Sephora, $45)

One of Consumer Report's "Best Buys" this spray sunscreen is waterproof and unscented. 

(Up & Up Sport Sunscreen at Target, $8.74)

This sunscreen will keep you safe from the sun whether you're swimming away or sweating it out at an outdoor yoga class.

(No Ad 45 UVA Sunblock at Amazon, $8.49)

This sunscreen is noted for how it goes on and instantly absorbs into the skin, so you won't be left with that greasy feeling.

(PeterThomasRoth Dry Sunscreen at Sephora, $26)

This Baby Sunscreen may be made for children, but we're not above using it for ourselves. The product is tough against sun yet easy on the skin.

(Equate Baby Sunscreen Lotion at Walmart, $5)

If you're looking to get nice and sweaty with a workout on a sunny day look for a sunscreen like this that is non greasy and won't sweat off.

(Banana Boat Sport Performance Sunscreen at Ulta, $9.99)

If you have sensitive skin and are looking to keep your skin safe from the sun's rays, try this lotion that is meant for those looking for a little extra care. 

(Aveeno Sunscreen Lotion at drugstore.com, $8.39)

Created for baby, these towelettes are also very handy for a last minute day at the beach.

(Mom's Baby Silk Babyface Sunscreen at Drugstore.com, $25.99)

For those trying to keep it green, go for an organic way to protect yourself from the sun. 

(John Masters Organic Sunscreen at Amazon, $32)

This sunscreen is meant for those with sensitive skin and is free of dyes and preservatives. 

(Vanicream Sunscreen at Drugstore.com, $11.49)

Want high intensity protection that won't melt off? Try this amped up sunscreen.

(Banana Boat Sport Performance SPF100 at drugstore.com, $10.99)

Made for an infant's skin, this sunscreen is perfect for those with sensitive skin.

(California Baby Sunscreen at Drugstore.com, $19.99)

This Consumer Report backed sunscreen is great on your skin and easy on your wallet.

(Walgreens Sunscreen Lotion at Walgreens, $7.79)

To get some anti-aging benefits as well, go for the skin care master Ole Henriksen's sunscreen.

(Ole Henriksen SPF  50 Sunscreen at Sephora, $35)

For the sporty among us, try this sport sunscreen.

(Coppertone Sport Ultra Sweatproof Sunscreen at Drugstore.com, $9.99)

If you want something easy to use (aren't we always looking for someone to help with our back?) this spray is great for a solo trip out in the sun. 

(Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Cooling Sunscreen at Drugstore.com, $8.79)

This French imported sunscreen is fragrance free and will keep your skin safe.

(La Roche Posay 50 SPF Sunscreen at Amazon, $27)

Though created for kids or kids at heart, this sunscreen still packs a powerful punch.

(Ocean Potion Suncare Kids Dry Sunscreen at Drugstore.com, $8.99)

This amazing cream is great for anti aging and moisturizing benefits but also protecting your skin from the sun. 

(Shiseido UV Protection Cream at Sephora, $30)

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