20 Masks For Every Hair Type

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20 Masks For Every Hair Type
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For every hair issue (dry strands, split ends, etc.), there's a treatment that can nourish your roots back to health. See our favorite hair masks, to buy or DIY, for every type. New Hair Idea: Jennifer Lawrences Ponytail French Twist Hybrid

This brand new hair mask ($6.99, lorealparisusa.com) sets out to erase the damage you've done over the years with heated hair tools, sun damage and too much coloring. It's like a time machine for your hair! How to Give Your Hair Sexy, Piece-y Texture

When hair looks likes it's one more perm away from just giving up altogether, reach for this treatment ($26.19, walgreens.com). The Ultimate Guide to Shiny Hair

Formulated with shea butter and botanical oils, this mask ($46, dermstore.com) stimulates the scalp and restores moisture to brittle, dull-looking hair. Which Vintage-Inspired Hairstyle Do You Like Better On Jessica Alba?

If you don't already have a jar of coconut oil at home, do your hair and skin a favor and buy it today. Mix one cup of the oil with one egg, heat it up (only until it's warm) in the microwave, and apply it to wet hair. Let the conditioner sit for 20 minutes before washing it out with shampoo. Two Messy-Chic Hairstyles We Loved This Week

It's no secret that coloring your hair can slowly take the shine away, leaving strands dull and dry. This Clear kit ($15.99, soap.com) comes with seven tubes of their deep conditioner, which are meant to be used 7 days in a row. The end result is hair you'll be happy to show off. 3 Cute Ways to Avoid Hat Hair (And Still Keep Warm)

Not only will this treatment ($48.60, drugstore.com) leave hair feeling soft and smooth, but it amplifies shine, so your hair sparkles like it did pre-dye job. Could You Pull Off Platinum Hair?

You can feel the rich moisture of this mask ($59, oribe.com) when you reach into the maroon tub. It leaves hair beautiful and color stays intact. Kim Kardashian Cut Her Bangs For Real This Time

Apply a mixture of 1/2 cup yogurt and one egg onto your hair (these ingredients are safe for color-treated hair.) Leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing out with warm water. Real Girl, Real Makeover: I Got Bangs!

Curly girls, this is the mask ($20.99, sleekhair.com) for you. It fully moistures hair so your have a little more bounce in your step. Is This The Haircut Of The Year?

Neuma's Moisture Masque ($34.99, sleekhair.com) controls frizz as it hydrates each strand. Michelle Williams: "Straight Men Don't Like Short Hair"

Even if you're short on time, you can still restore hair's shine with this two-minute mask ($6.29, soap.com). The Do's & Dont's Of At-Home Hair Coloring

For an extra-moisturizing DIY hair mask, mix one cup vegetable oil, half a banana and an egg together and apply to hair. Keep in for 10 minutes and then wash out with shampoo. Drew Barrymore Gets A Spankin' New 'Do

Those with thin hair may steer clear of conditioners due to their heaviness, but this Ojon mask ($19.50, beauty.com) volumizes as it nourishes. Hairstyles That Make Hair Look Fuller

Instead of focusing on just thinning hair, Phyto's mask ($38, sephora.com) works to fight all the signs of aging hair, including brittleness. Beyonc's Most Memorable Hairstyles

Whether you were born with thin hair or just experiencing momentary limpness, this mask ($60, nordstrom.com) will give your hair the lift it needs. Now Theres BB Cream For Your Hair (Seriously!)

Beer for hair? Yep, it can help with thinning strands. Mix one mashed banana with one egg, and then add in half a cup of beer and one tablespoon honey. Mix it all together, apply to hair and let it sit for 30 minutes. Make sure to wash out with shampoo. Real Girl, Real Makeover: I Went Red!

A sensitive scalp shouldn't keep you from deep conditioning. This Aesop mask ($33, barneys.com) help restore hair's health without irritating your skin. 15 Super Hot Hairstyles

If you have an irritated scalp, this mask ($20, loccitane.com) will both calm it and help hydrate dull hair. Top 10 Retro Hairstyles

Massage this treatment ($12, wella.com) into your scalp to calm down any irritations you have. The other end of your hair will also thank you. Top 10 Long Hairstyles

For an at-home mask that won't leave your scalp red and itchy, mix one avocado, one cucumber, two tablespoons aloe vera gel, and half a cup of olive oil. Apply the mixture to your hair, and let it sit for 20 minutes before you wash it out. How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

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