20 Beauty Tips That Boys Should Steal from Girls


1. Easy on the cologne. Like seriously, that’s enough.
What are you, a 12-year-old on the way to your first boy-girl party? Smelling like an entire Abercrombie store is not the point of wearing colognea spritz or two is all you need. Trust me, subtlety is key here.

2. Do not shave your unibrow
I repeat, do not shave your unibrow. Pick up a pair of tweezers at the drugstore and just pluck the offending hairs. Not only will it last longer, but you’ll avoid weird eyebrow stubble as well. If tweezing is uncomfortable for you, try doing it right after you get out of the showerthe steam will open up your pores and make plucking easier.

3. …but pluck with discretion.
Razor-thin eyebrows la Jersey Shore are not for everybody. In fact, they are not for anybody (sorry, Pauly D). While some men choose to have arched, manicured brows, simply trimming them should do the trick if yours are particularly unruly. Just brush the hairs upwards with a clean toothbrush and snip the ends with small scissors.

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4. Exfoliate!

Razor burn and ingrown hairsouch! So many men deal with painful red bumps after they shave even though it’s such an easy problem to avoid. Exfoliating once a week will remove dead skin cells and give you a smoother, closer shave. You can even go one step further and use a liquid shaving aid like Tend Skin.

5. Moisturize!
Dry, flaky skin is as itchy as it is unattractive. Use a moisturizer once or twice a day, problem solved!

6. Use an all-in-one body wash instead of bar soap.
I understand that using bar soap all over your hair and body is timesaving, but seriously… ew. Try a combination shampoo and body wash instead. It saves time and money, and is a vast improvement over that chunk of Irish Spring that’s sitting in your soap dish. It’s also the perfect thing to keep in your gym bag.

7. Don’t overload your hair with product!
To avoid overly-gelled looking hair, try to avoid hair products that contain alcohol – that’s what makes hair hard and spiky. Instead, play around with matte-finish products, like waxes and pomades. Start with a dime-sized amount of product at first, then build up from there to get the look you want.

8. Take the time to find shampoo that fits your needs.
Don’t just settle for whatever’s in the shower. If your hair tends to fall flat, try a volumizing shampoo. If it feels dry, a nourishing formula will do wonders. Flaky scalp? Dandruff shampoo, please! If you’re not a fan of perfumey scents, there’s plenty of unisex or men’s scented hair products on the market.

9. Use conditioner on your hair…
Short or long, no matter what your hairstyle is you should be using a conditioner. It’s vital to keeping your mane healthy-looking, especially if you use styling products as they can dry out your hair. Pick a conditioner that suits your hair type – it doesn’t necessarily have to match your shampoo.

10. … and on your beard, too!
Yep, you heard me. If you have a beard, condition that bad boy! Your significant other will thank you when your facial hair doesn’t remove their epidermis during a makeout sesh. A little conditioner on those coarse, wiry hairs goes a long way.

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11. Use lip balm… soft lips are universally attractive

Read the ingredients before you buysome brands put trace amounts of alcohol in their formulas as a sneaky way to dry out your lips and keep you buying more lip balm. Try something with beeswax and vitamin E to soothe chapped, dry lips and keep them nourished and soft. A little bit of SPF is always good, too.

12. Find a good hairstylist or barber and stick with them.
Getting a $10 walk-in haircut was fine when you were little, but now it’s time for a change. Try asking your well-coiffed male friends and co-workers for recommendations, and be specific about the look you’re going for when you get to the salon. When you find a barber or hairstylist you like, tip them well and go back every 4-6 weeks for a trim. The better they get to know you and your personal style, the better your haircuts will be.

13. Stick with your skincare regimen
Cleanse and moisturize at least once a day, if not twice. Keep it up, and you’ll enjoy clear, smooth skin.

14. Resist picking your face
Yes, I know… even if you do take great care of your skin, sometimes blackheads and zits appear anyway. And even though it’s tempting, don’t pick at them! There’s tons of bacteria under your fingernails, so squeezing or popping blemishes usually just makes it worse. They usually go away on their own, anyway.

15. Use sunscreen.
Although using sunscreen on a daily basis will keep your skin looking great for years to come, this isn’t just about anti-aging. Skin cancer is at an all-time high right now, so use SPF products on the regular now and you’ll thank yourself later. Pay special attention to your face, neck and lips.

16. Be inspired… but don’t go crazy.
If you’re a guy between the ages of 16 and 30, you’re probably a little obsessed with your facial hair. It’s cool, I get it. And while growing a huge beard for the playoffs or No-Shave November and subsequently shaving it into a Jimmy McMillan-esque handlebar mustache is fun just for kicks, try not to make a habit of crazy experimentation. Same thing applies to the hair on your head, as well.

17. Eat well, stay hydrated, exercise.
Blah blah blah, you’ve probably heard this before. But, there’s a reason why this is a total health and beauty clichit really does make a difference.

18. Take your time in the morning.
Rolling out of bed and going straight to work/school/prison/your mom’s house without a glance in the mirror is kind of lame. Try waking up just ten minutes earlier so you have enough time to present your best-looking self to the world. People can tell difference between “stylishly tousled” and straight up bed head, you know.

19. Don’t be afraid to ask.
Department store makeup counters, hair salons, and stores like Sephora can seem overwhelming and guy un-friendly at times. However, the people who work there are trained to help people find exactly what they need, and if you’re struggling to find the right products there’s no shame in asking for help. If you feel awkward asking a saleslady for advice, there’s usually a few bros working in the beauty department who would be happy to share their manly expertise.

20. Deodorant. Use it.
Buy it. Put it on your armpits. Make sure you wear it every day. This may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised at how many guys (and girls) don’t do this often enough. Keep an extra stick in your gym bag, and buy a mini one to keep in your desk at work for those extra warm summer days. And never, ever, ever, get on any mode of public transportation if you do not have deodorant on – heed this advice above all else.