20 Amazing Eyeliner Looks to Try Immediately

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20 Amazing Eyeliner Looks to Try Immediately
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We’re convinced that eyeliner is actually magical. One little line can transform your makeup look in a big way, not to mention make you feel like a totally confident babe. Whether you love pencil, gel or liquid; whether you’re a dedicated cat eye girl or prefer a more subtle look, we all know that finding—and deploying—the right eyeliner is a truly transformative experience.

With this in mind, put together a comprehensive list of the coolest, most inspiring eyeliner tips, tricks and looks. Prepare to have your liner-loving mind blown in the best possible way.

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Exhibit A: This classic cat-eye and red lip combo is anything but ordinary.

Photo: Pinned by Jennifer S. via LittleThings.tumblr.com

Photo: Pinterest

We can’t think of anything more beautiful than an ultra-bold brow complemented by a winged line.

Photo: Pinned by Jessica Astera via Beautylish

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White eyeliner can be just as dramatic when applied correctly.

Photo: Pinned by Melanie Katie Watts via Cosmopolitan

Photo: Pinterest

A coral lip makes this look perfect for a Sunday brunch date.

Photo: Pinned by Izzi via Heather Davern Makeup

Photo: Pinterest

A thin line amps up this pastel eye look. (Falsies are optional.)

Photo: Pinned by Lauren Gonzaga via Tumblr

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This smudged eyeliner gives off a sultry-grunge vibe.

Photo: Pinned by Ronja Valle via Tumblr

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If you're looking for a more festive option, substitute traditional liner for a line of glitter.

Photo: Pinned by Alice Martin via Bloglovin

Photo: Pinterest

Black eyeliner complements every lip color in your makeup bag.

Photo: Pinned by Liv via Beautylish

Photo: Pinterest

If winged liner isn’t your thing, extend your line straight out for a sleeker look.

Photo: Pinned by Belle & Clive via Keiko Lynn

Photo: Pinterest

A graphic liner design like this one packs a lot of punch.

Photo: Pinned by Mariana Martinez via Tumblr

Photo: Pinterest

No mascara? No problem! Use your eyeliner to create dashes on your lower lash line for a unique look.

Photo: Pinned by Tina via Tumblr

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Think of your liner as a wearable Sharpie by doodling swirls of flowers for a seriously dramatic look.

Photo: Pinned by Tracy via Makeup Geek

Photo: Pinterest

This black and gold double liner is the perfect match for a little black dress.

Pinned by Sally Hart via Fashion Jot

Photo: Pinterest

This triangular eyeliner look is just too cool not to try.

Photo: Pinned by Taylor Brenneman via HudaBeauty

Photo: Pinterest

A bright yellow liner can add a burst of color to your makeup.

Photo: Pinned by Shop-Hers via Shop-Hers

Photo: Pinterest

This graphic liner makes us green with envy.

Photo: Pinned by Bloom.com via Bloom.com

Photo: Pinterest

Pump up the drama by smudging the liner on your lower lash line and feathering the outer corners. Add crystals if you dare!

Photo: Pinned by Goldia Kiteck

Photo: Pinterest

Add depth to your look by shading around your black eyeliner with a pretty blue.

Photo: Pinned by Kelly Carlson via Beauty Tips 'N Tricks

Photo: Pinterest

White eye pencil along the lower waterlines make eyes look bigger.

Photo: Pinned by Melissa Gross via Brit + Co

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If all else fails, here are 40 different ways to line your eye. We dare you to try them all. Photo: Pinned by Devon Thompson via Tumblr

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