19 Easter Manicures That Are Cute, Chic and Perfect for Spring

Sarah Lindig
19 Easter Manicures That Are Cute, Chic and Perfect for Spring
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You know how we know when spring has finally arrived? When the delicate florals, sugary pastels, and cheery bright hues have found their way to our nails—in the form of Easter manicures.

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Everything about Easter is the ideal antidote for a winter’s worth of gloom and cold. And the best way to take advantage of all the feminine, sunny charm of Easter is by ditching your go-to black polish (for a little bit, at least) and opting for a stylish springtime manicure.

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Here are 19 Easter-inspired nail art designs for you to try this weekend. If you have the fine motor skills (or the dedication to acquire them) try out one with a cute little bunny or baby chick. Of course, any option in a fresh palette of cotton candy pinks, sky blues, buttercup yellows, or sea foam greens is always a fun choice. Don’t forget to finish off your lovely lacquer with a top coat to keep your polish shiny and chip-free!

A version of this article was originally published in May 2015.

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polka dot bunny nails
Polka-Dotted Bunny

The black polka dots pop against the pale base colors to add a quirky whimsy to this Easter-inspired manicure from Pshiiit.

Photo: Pshiiit
marbled pastel watercolor nails
Swirly Pastel Watercolors

This manicure from Spektor's Nails is as pretty as a picture with it's perfectly painted swirls of marbled watercolors.

Photo: Spektor's Nails
pale pink bejeweled nails esnail la
Bejeweled Pink

Playful but still elegant, this manicure from esNAIL Los Angeles is understated glam with a couple sparkles to adorn each pastel-polished nail.

Photo: @esnail_la/Instagram
nail art pastel geometric nails
Color-Blocking Geometric

Get a bit more geometric with your nails with this design from Pshiiit.

Photo: Pshiiit
scalloped easter manicure
Scalloped Mani

The puffy pastel clouds on this scalloped mani from The Crafty Ninja are actually a lot easier to achieve than they look!

Photo: The Crafty Ninja
tie dye and glitter spring manicure
Tie-Dye and Glitter

This tie-dye-meets-glitz manicure will catch anyone's eye.

Photo: Beautylish
polka dots sherbet easter manicure
Sherbet Hues & Polka Dots

Polka dots are fresh and fun in these sweet sherbet hues. Get the tutorial from Lime Crime.

Photo: Lime Crime
Easter bunny manicure pink
Bunny Nails

It may take patience and a steady hand, but this detailed Easter manicure from Nailsy Mo is sure to impress.

Photo: Nailsy Mo
mint peach ombre manicure
Mint & Peach Ombré

Love ombré hair? Then try out these gradient nails from Pshiiit in spring-worthy shades of mint and melon.

Photo: Pshiiit
roses pink easter manicure
Flowers & Gold Sparkle

You simply can't go wrong with roses and gold detailing, and we love this design from Nailbees.

Photo: Nailbees
pink roses spring manicure
Pink Roses

This pretty-in-pink polish is a rosy update to the classic French manicure.

Photo: Fashion Diva Design
bunny easter manicure
Get Creative

This magic trick of a manicure is a creative take on the popular bunny nail art theme. And Barbara's Polish Nails nails it.

Photo: Barbara's Polish Nails
marbled watercolor nails
Inspired by LUSH

This nail design from Hannah Rox It is inspired by LUSH's bath bombs! Watch her tutorial here.

Photo: Hannah Rox It
speckled Easter egg nails
Speckled Eggs

These speckled candy egg nails from 10 Blank Canvases look good enough to eat!

Photo: 10 Blank Canvases
yellow baby chick nail art
Bright Yellow Baby Chick

Channel the cheery spring sunshine with this bright yellow baby chick nail art from Cosmetic Cupcake.

Photo: Cosmetic Cupcake
striped splatter Easter manicure
Striped Splatter

Colorful splattered stripes add some edge to your Easter.

Photo: Adventures in Acetone
blue rose nails
Blue Rose

Spring is in full blue bloom with this sweet, delicate floral mani.

Photo: Nailbees
pastel French tip manicure
Pastel French Tip

Go for a pastel gradient French tip manicure if you want a more minimal look.

Photo: Hannah Rox It
confetti nail art
Confetti Nail Art

If you want to skip the bunnies and flowers, go with a more neutral base and a confetti touch.

Photo: One O
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