17 Eye-Catching Celebrity Makeovers From the Past Year

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17 Eye-Catching Celebrity Makeovers From the Past Year
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Celebrity makeovers are not exactly uncommon. Whether the stars are changing their looks for a movie role or because they want their hair to match their outfit, we love seeing what they are going to do next.

This year, we saw a lot of stars chopping off their long locks and going for a shorter style. Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens look more mature with their new haircuts. We saw Katy Perry play with almost every color in the rainbow when it came to her hair. Grammy winner Adele took a more sophisticated route and toned down the volume in her hair. Rachel McAdams even jumped on the fringe bandwagon and sported blunt bangs.

We love seeing the newest celebrity hairstyles and all the changes they make to their looks. Check out the slideshow to see what stars were made over for the better.

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I personally think that this makeover was for the best. Mary-Kate Olsen's platinum blonde hair was a bit out of control back in May. At the CFDA Awards, she went for a more streamlined look and showed off her new brown locks.

It is impossible not to love Emma Stone. She traded in her red hair to go back to her natural blonde hue. Either way, Emma can't go wrong.

At last year's MTV Awards, Adele not only brought her big voice, but big hair as well. She toned it down at the 2012 Grammys. Her normally dark hair was colored a lovely honey blond that suits the singer well.

Newlywed Drew Barrymore's hair was a dark auburn until recently when she chopped a few inches off and returned to her signature ombre color.

January Jones played with color in her blonde bob this year. She had a slight edginess about her with the pale blue studded dress. At the Mad Men premiere, she turned up the volume with a slightly revealing dress and loose curls.

Solange Knowles has been getting a lot of attention for wearing her hair in its natural curly state. The singer went from wearing her hair in a sleek bun to having big natural curls.

Channeling the 20s, Evan Rachel Wood had sleek finger curls and darker hair. She returned back to natural blonde hair and wore it in a glamorous short style.

While most people tend to go lighter in the summer, funny girl Kristen Wiig recently dyed her hair a rich chocolate color.

Katy Perry has been changing her hair left and right this past year. In March, she had a technicolored ponytail that was a bit much. She has since toned it down to just a touch of blue (if you can call this toned down).

Ali Larter chopped off around 10 inches of hair at the end of last year. Now, she rocks her bob in beachy waves that look great on shorter hair as well.

Kelly Osbourne has gone through some drastic changes the past few years and looks better than ever. More recently she has been changing her hair. From blonde to lavender, this star has embraced the pastel trend on a whole other level.

The newly engaged Miley Cyrus has a style that has matured a lot in the past couple of years. Back in January, she cropped her long hair into a chic bob. The short style help the young star look more mature and stylish.

The ever changing hair of Rihanna went from blonde to black this year. She traded in the long fringe for a shaved side when attending the Battleship premiere back in May.

Olivia Wilde traded in her dark hair for an all-over blonde look. While she looks gorgeous either way, the lighter color definitely makes her eyes pop.

Rachel McAdams jumped on the bangs bandwagon this year. At the premiere of The Vow, she also sported a lighter hair color.

The High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens cut her hair into a super short pixie. The young star looks more her age with the short curls.

Emily Blunt went for a shorter, darker bob this year. The sleek bob looks great with her black and blue striped dress.

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