15 Things Every Fashion Girl Has In Her Home

Leah Bourne

Fashionable women might consider the contents of their closets the most important thing, but they also pay careful attention to the items that they put into their homes. After all, where we live reflects who we are just as much as our clothing.

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Case in point: Super stylist Rachel Zoe, whose Los Angeles home is dripping in Hermès and Missoni prints, and essentially looks like an extension of her closet. In fact, when you start to compare the interiors of consistently stylish women’s homes, you’ll notice that a number of similar trends and items begin to emerge.

Read on for the list of the 15 things every fashion girl seems to have in her home (or aspires to have).

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1. The More Peonies, the Better.
We all love flowers, but the bloom du jour among the fashion set is undoubtedly the peony. You would be hard-pressed to attend a fashion party without spotting the flower, and it’s no wonder fashion lovers have made this their go-to, you don’t need a ton to make a statement. A small bunch on a nightstand or in the center of a coffee table will add just the right dash of elegance to a space.

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2. Vintage Ashtrays.
Ashtrays are the new jewelry boxes. The trend likely started with Hermès ashtrays, but has now spread to include a wide variety, particularly vintage ashtrays. It’s actually quite a practical solution for folks that like to switch up their jewelry a lot. The dish makes for a great place to throw jewelry when you are on the run (so you don’t lose your favorite pair of earrings).


Photo: Courtesy of Hermès

3. The Hermès Avalon Blanket.

Fashion lovers clamor for “it” designer bags like the Hermès Birkin or the Chanel Le Boy bag, and if there is an equivalent for the home it is undoubtedly the Hermès Avalon blanket. Sure the blankets start at $1,500 and go up from there, but this is the item that fashion lovers everywhere are save up to own. The blanket, unsurprisingly, has tons of famous fans including Rachel Zoe and Ellen DeGeneres.


Photo via ElleandEmm Style Story

4. The Ultimate Bar Cart.
Stylish women must be watching a lot of “Mad Men”, because every fashion girl worth her salt seems to have a stocked bar cart in her home. Who can blame them? A bar cart is a great way to add a pop of color into a living room, and it also makes for a great storage solution. Plenty of inexpensive bar carts abound at second hand stores and retailers like CB2 have also gotten on board with the trend, so don’t think you have to be swilling 40-year-old Macallan on the regular to incorporate this trend into your own home.

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5. Neon Signs.
Thanks to artists like Curtis Kulig and Tracy Emin neon signs are the decor object du jour right now. Hang one over your bed, in your kitchen, in your entryway, really anywhere, in your best attempt to mimic the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Lauren Conrad, who both have neon signs hanging in the their homes—naturally.

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6. Something Leopard.
Considering that fashionistas regularly attest to leopard being a neutral in their wardrobes, the pattern is unsurprisingly a mainstay in many fashion lovers homes, whether on pillows or even as a statement couch. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the print with other prints in your home, and think of a leopard addition into your interior space like you would putting together an outfit that included the print.

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7. Stacked Coffee Table Books.
No surprise here, no fashionable person’s home is complete with a serious stack of coffee table books paying homage to fashion favorites like Chanel and Tom Ford.

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8. Fur, Fur, and More Fur
Whether it’s faux or real, covering an accent pillow, or draped over a chaise lounge, fashion fiends love fur, and they love it everywhere in their homes. Because really, there’s no easier way to add a dose of glamour into a room.

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9. Fashion-Inspired Art.
Be it framed vintage Chanel ads, or Prada-inspired art by artists Elmgreen and Dragset, the fashion set doesn’t just love fashion in their closets, they love it on their walls. Getting the look doesn’t have to cost a fortune either, the Prada Marfa Sign stretched canvas print (starting at $146; available at art.com) costs the fraction of what a pair of Prada shoes would cost.

Tabletop decor

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10. Fancy Schmancy Candles.
The fashion set loves candles, particularly from brands like Diptyque, Cire Trudon, Le Labo, and D.L. & Co., and they like them everywhere. Tip: use the glass candle holders after the candle has run out to store everything from makeup brushes to pens.

 15 Things Every Fashion Girl Has In Her Home

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11. A Ghost Chair (Or Two, Or Three.)
Originally designed by Philippe Stark, go into a true fashion lovers home and you are bound to find a Ghost chair or two, either being used as extra seating, a desk chair, or as seating around a formal dining room table.

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12. Perfectly Organized Decorative Objects
Ever feel that pang of envy when you enter in a stylish home to discover a perfectly styled mantel or coffee table? You aren’t alone. The key to getting this right is combining objects that wouldn’t normally work together into a fun and interesting vignette. Above all, use objects that are meaningful to you, and just have fun with it.

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13. Gallery Art Walls.
The fashion set doesn’t just like one framed work on a wall these days, they like many. Behold the gallery wall, and don’t expect this decor trend to be going anywhere anytime soon.


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14. Some Serious Shoe Storage.
Fashionable folks have a lot of shoes (no surprise there). Go into a fashionable woman’s home and you’ll find shoes everywhere–styled on bookshelves, on display stacked on ladders, or even lined inside vintage armoires. Hey, shoes are art so why not?


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15. A Multi-Use Trunk.
Vintage Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks aren’t just for traveling, they make great coffee tables and side tables that also double as storage. The trunk doesn’t have to be designer to work well in a home either, something to keep in mind the next time you are perusing an antique store.