15 Must-Have Beauty Tools For Your Makeup Bag

Amanda Elser
15 Must-Have Beauty Tools For Your Makeup Bag
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A makeup artist is nothing without the tools of his trade, and who knows this better than celebrity and runway makeup artist, Daniel Martin. A favorite over here at Beauty High, Daniel is one of the most entertaining makeup artists to be around backstage and the most engaging. For a man so talented, we had to ask…what are his go-to beauty tools?

Daniel told us what ground-breaking (and classic) products he never leaves home without and what $2000 bag he uses to truck it all around town. From blotting papers to angled brushes, these are the 15 must-have beauty products for every inspiring makeup-artist out there (and us amateurs, too!) 


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"This fits everything I need for my girls. It’s held up with me between trips to LA for the Oscars, and house calls in Paris for Fashion Week."
PS1 Large Travel, $2,490, barneys.com

"The best puff to blot and powder the face with —Its fine velour texture feels amazing on the face, too."
Face Powder Puff, $16, barneys.com

"Having both the slant and point tweezers makes a difference when either tweezing brows or using them for lash placements."
Petite Tweeze Set, $25, tweezerman.com

"I call this the magic balm! It diffuses the appearance of fine lines and pores instantly before or after makeup. It’s also perfect for guys who want to cancel shine without the feel of makeup on their skin."
Skin Smoothing Face Prep, $30, sephora.com

"I usually whip this out for those early morning call times when your eyes need a little bit more attention- a quick, pick-me-up to de-puff and soothe the eye area."
Opal, $185, clarisonic.com

"This brush is great to use with stick concealers or foundations with a thicker consistency. It’s perfect to conceal blemishes, under eye circles and trouble spots that need more detailed attention."
Precision Tapered - P86, $14, sigmabeauty.com

"Finishing the face with this is great and its Blue color makes me happy!"
Face Smoothie Sponge, $10.95, mehron.com

"My friend Vanessa turned me on to these a few years ago and I've kept them in my kit ever since. It’s the European version of Emergen-C but so much better. Models love them!"
Berocca, $20, buyberocca.com

"1% hydrocortisone and aloe gives immediate relief to inflammation, redness and itchy skin. I tend to use this a lot during fashion week when models skin is ravaged from the shows."
Cortizone-10, $6, walgreens.com

"I wish they made this in a bigger size because I go through them quickly! From bleeding lipstick to mascara smudges, it’s fast cleanup without interrupting the makeup."
Oil Free Makeup Remover Sticks, $11, almay.com

"I collaborated with the brand to do these when my girls needed something smaller to use in their clutches. The black paper and gold leaf makes these extra chic!"
Evening Aburatorigami, $15, tatcha.com

"I transfer foundations and liquids to these bottles when I don't want to check in my kit when traveling. I've learned to edit down on travel jobs and these save me every time."
PET Cylinder Pump Bottle - 50ml, $4.75, muji.us

"These corner lashes give a nice "wake up" to the eyes. Perfect for someone who isn't used to wearing lashes, but wants a bit of drama."
Lash Accents, ardelllashes.com

"I keep all my brushes in these cylinders and they're great to travel with."
Dany's Pouch, makeupforever.com

"My new favorite! The panels are wide for good lash coverage while its spring gives a good grip for curling."

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