15 Must Have Health and Fitness Apps For Summer

Brittany Irvine
15 Must Have Health and Fitness Apps For Summer
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While living a healthy lifestyle is key year-round, this time of year is when we all tend to concentrate more on our health and fitness. Getting our beach body ready can sometimes be a challenge, so a little technology to help us out makes things a bit easier. Whether you’re sculpting your legs for a bikini or you’re simply looking to make your diet a bit healthier, there’s an app out there to suit your needs.

From working out to eating right and to getting motivated, we’ve got you covered with 15 health and fitness apps that will make living a healthy, beach-ready lifestyle, as easy as holding your iPhone. Take a look at our favorite apps above and tell us how you plan on getting bikini-ready this summer in the comments below!

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A training club with no pressure, this app brings everything together. Get workout videos, track your exercise history and monitor your progress.

Nike Training Club, Free, iTunes

Photo: Nike Training, iTunes.

The queen of all fitness apps, this one is a must have. My Fitness Pal is the entire package as it allows you to tailor your own plan as far as consumption of calories, logging your workouts and it has a social media aspect all built in.

My Fitness Pal, Free, iTunes

Photo: My Fitness Pal, iTunes.

Staying on track can sometimes be difficult when working out, but falling off the bandwagon is more likely to happen when you have no inspiration. Being able to share motivation with others through social media can help you out, and giving this app a try will do just that. 

Choir: Uplift & Inspire, Free, iTunes

Photo: Choir: Uplift & Inspire, iTunes.

Whether you are trying to lose or gain weight, having something exclusive to measuring your personal weight's fluctuations is helpful. Weightbot allows the user to view statistics on their weight, BMI and more, so it's like a personal trainer report in your pocket. 

Weightbot, $1.99, iTunes

Photo: Weightbot, iTunes.

Cardio is great, but targeting certain areas on your body is key for a full body workout. This app focuses on arm workouts to sculpt and tone. 

Daily Arm Workout, Free, iTunes

Photo: Daily Arm Workout, iTunes.

An integral part of your workout routine and healthy lifestyle is getting great sleep at night. Sleepcycle is the easiest way to track how you're sleeping, for how long, and more to get the most out of your night's sleep. 

Sleepcycle, $0.99, iTunes

Photo: Sleep Cycle, iTunes.

Have you ever wanted to train for a 5K? Couch to 5K is a perfect way to gradually get your body read to run a 5K, and it's the best way for beginners to get into running. 

Couch to 5K, $1.99, iTunes

Photo: Couch to 5K, iTunes.

For a more engaging approach to tracking fitness, try Fitocracy. To keep motivated, you'll unlock badges, earn points and more. There's no chance of getting lazy with this app. 

Fitocracy, Free, iTunes

Photo: Fitocracy, iTunes.

A GPS exclusive to running, you can map your circuit, compete with others, post to Facebook for motivation and watch your progress as you magically turn into a marathoner.  

Nike Running, Free, iTunes

Photo: Nike Running, iTunes.

Timing your own circuits at home can be difficult and remembering how long and how many reps you've done can add stress to your workout. Bit Timer is a simple to use interval timer, perfect for working out.

Bit Timer, $0.99, iTunes

Photo: Bit Timer, iTunes.

Inspiration isn't just necessary for working out; sometimes you can fall off the wagon with healthy eating. Snapguide wont let that happen because with this social networking app you can post photos of what you cook and share them with others, keeping you accountable for what you're eating. 

Snapguide, Free, iTunes

Photo: Snapguide, iTunes.

Knowing all about your body and the muscles you're working out is key to a good fitness routine, so get the Web MD app that provides general information, first aid and more.

Web MD, Free, iTunes

Photo: Web MD, iTunes.

Into yoga but you don't know where there are studios around you? Om Finder is the perfect app for you, locating yoga studios in your area.  

Om Finder, Free, iTunes

Photo: Om Finder, iTunes.

This GPS isn't just for running! Use this to map exercise of any kind, share your profile with friends and learn a little about nutrition along the way.

Map My Run, $2.99, iTunes

Photo: Map My Run, iTunes.

Know the facts about the food that you're eating with Fooducate, where you can log what you're eating on a daily basis and find healthier alternatives if need be. 

Fooducate, Free, iTunes

Photo: Fooducate, iTunes.

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