15 of Our Fave Signature Celebrity Beauty Looks

Emily Smith

Celebrities are known for their many talents whether it be acting, singing, or just being a socialite, but a select few are also known for their signature beauty looks. From maintaining the same look for many years, to switching their hair color on a weekly basis, many celebs have “a look” that they have coined.

One of the most notoriously ever-changing beauty icons of our decade is Lady Gaga. Long, short, silver, meaty, telephone-adorned, you name it, Lady Gaga has most likely had it at some point. She is also known for her fake mole, or as Gaga prefers to call it, her “surrealist mole,” which she chooses to dawn quite frequently.

Speaking of moles, Amy Winehouse always had a perfectly placed one that was rumored to be real. She was also known for her thick winged eyes, which were almost as massive as the rat’s nest head of hair. Although the songstress’ makeup and signature ‘do tended to be quite large, nothing could overpower her soulful voice.

As another beauty aficionado, Katy Perry’s hair could quite possibly be stolen from the cotton candy infested wonderland of her “California Gurls” music video…and we have to admit, if her colorful choice in hair tastes half as good as it looks, it would be beyond delicious. She never ceases to amaze us by looking like perfection in no matter what color of the rainbow she decides to dye her hair.

Depending on the severity compared to the normality of the hairstyle and makeup choices of celebrities, many of the signature looks can be tested out by adoring fans alike.  However, no matter how outlandish or classic the look is, we can always pinpoint and adore our favorite celebrity beauty looks.