13 Beauty Products to Buy at Tictail Right Now

Lauren Caruso
13 Beauty Products to Buy at Tictail Right Now
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If you’ve somehow managed to avoid the buzz around Tictail, a Swedish marketplace for independent brands and retailers, congratulations: You’ve been living under a rock. In true Scandinavian fashion, Tictail sells more than 2.5 million products, including on-trend basics, minimalist homewares, kitschy accessories—and now, beauty products.

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But no, it’s not just another Etsy: Not only can you discover awesome retailers across 150+ countries, bigger brands like Solid Slate, Jennie-Ellen, Le Stockholmsyndrome, and Evolve are on the docket, too. The selection of brands is ever-expanding: Tictail doesn’t vet individual brands who join, but those with the most followers—which can translate into satisfied customers—often rise to the top. Ahead, we culled 13 must-try beauty products from brands you probably haven’t heard of—yet.

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TGC Textile Shampoo, $23; at Tictail

Kailijumei Lipstick Barbie Dol Powder temperatur c, $17; at Tictail

Evolve Skin Saviour Body Oil, $26; at Tictail

Raceday Skincare Chamois Balm, $18; at Tictail

10pcs Set Makeup Brushes, $22; at Tictail

Atomic Pomade Shampoo, $14.99; at Tictail



Cocotier Beauty Body Butter, Lip Balm & Hand Scrub, $35; at Tictail


Olive Tree Almond Shampoo, $8; at Tictail



Posh Organics Raspberry Bath Bombs, $5; at Tictai


Captain Blankenship Blue Chamomile & Lemon Cleanser And Make-Up Remover, $31; at Tictail

Manly Coffee Beer Soap, $7; at Tictail


Drops Beard Oil, $18; at Tictail


Evolve Tropical Blossom Body Polish, $26; at Tictail

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