12 Problems Only Girls With Freckles Understand

Michelle Grossman
Woman with freckles

fStop Images/Halfdark/Getty

If you have freckles, you know a thing or two about skin struggles. One day you hate them, the next you love them. The question of whether to cover them up or embrace them is a constant battle that everyone seems to have different resolutions to. While we’re all for flaunting our features that make us unique (yes, even freckles being one of them), it’s no secret that sometimes they can be downright frustrating. So, in case you thought you were alone, trust us we understand, and below are 12 things only our freckled friends will understand too.

1. No amount of sunscreen is ever enough. Even SPF 100 still doesn’t stop more freckles from popping up.

2. But, then you’ll get the bright idea that if you get enough freckles maybe they’ll smush together and almost look like you’ve actually got a tan for once? They won’t.

3. “How many do you have?” is the most asked question that you never have an answer to, because ain’t nobody got time to count.

4. Your friends insist on playing connect the dots (FYI: sharpies really are permanent).

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5. Growing up, your mother insisted they were “angel kisses.” No, Mom, just no.

6. The awkward moment when small children ask you why you have dots all over you.

7. The burn of lemon juice on your face.

7.5. Learning the hard way that lemon juice doesn’t actually remove freckles.

8. You will receive an abundance of nicknames thanks to them – among the most creative is simply “freckles.” So much for not letting them define you.

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9. EVERYONE will refer to you as “cute.” It won’t matter how old you are, or the fact that you’re not a puppy.

10. When people say “I have them too!” and point out their few and far between perfectly placed freckles across the bridge of their nose. Seriously?

11. Flawless foundation just doesn’t fly. Too little and your spots are still peeking through, while attempting to cover them up results in cake-face.

12. Nowhere is safe. Hide your arms, hide your legs, because freckles will find them all.