12 Things People Always Say to Girls Who Wear Lipstick All the Time

Augusta Falletta
red lipstick


When you wear bold lipstick full time, you exude confidence and a cool factor wherever you go. Not only do you give off the appearance of being someone who’s completely put together, but you also have a distinct look that people begin to associate you with. Signature lipstick gives you an identity. Every girl in the world can swipe on a red lip and look amazing, but some ladies are hesitant to go for such a bold look.

Bright lipstick wearers know that while you’re wearing your color 24/7, those who choose to go bare-lipped compliment you and comment on how amazing you look. Below are 12 of the most common things people say to you when you wear lipstick full time.

“I wish I could pull lipstick off like you do.”

“Do you care if I wear lipstick tonight, too? We can match!”

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“You need to tell me what color that is.”

“I’m not brave enough to wear red lipstick.”

On the one day you don’t wear lipstick: “Oh my god, you look so different!” and/or “You look sick. Are you okay?”

“You always look so put together.”

“I keep buying lipsticks but I never actually wear them. It looks so good on you, though!”

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“Which lipstick is the best, in your opinion?”

“You pay how much for a tube of lipstick?!”

“I’ve tried lipsticks but they all just look really bad on me. How does yours look so good?”

“Do you have the lipstick with you? Can I try it on?”

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