The 12 Most Iconic Hairstyles of All Time

The 12 Most Iconic Hairstyles of All Time
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I haven’t changed my hairstyle for ten years. It’s always been the same long, straight, and very safe no fuss ‘do. While I’m dreadfully boring, however, celebrities have made history with their locks. Capturing memorable moments in time, they’ve sparked entire revolutions of people flocking to salons clutching photos of their favorite star, asking for imitations.

Whether you rocked “The Rachel” or were appalled by “The Snookie,” we’ve put together the most iconic hair styles of all time. Click through for looks that made the cut.

Did we leave out any other unforgettable celeb ‘dos? Let us know in the comments below!

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The Rachel: Alright, alright we'll just get this one out of the way. Whether she loved it or hated it, Jennifer Anniston's Friends counterpart has, indisputably, the most imitated hair style of the last decade.

The Snookie: When Jersey Shore made a wave on MTV in 2009, audiences watched in awe as the beach house wreaked havoc in Seaside Heights. Probably more talked about than the endless hookups and drunken escapades, however, was Snookie's gravity-defying poof.

The Farrah Fawcett: Her famous red swimsuit recently made a home in the Smithsonian museum, but her look was equally a big moment in hair history. The feathered look started a 70s phenomenon and catapulted Farrah to stardom after debuting in the short-lived, original Charlie's Angels.

The Mia Farrow: This cropped cut may look familiar, as its been seen on Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, and more recently, Michelle Williams. The beloved pixie look, however, originated in the 60s with actress Mia Farrow.

The Victoria Beckham: Even as Posh Spice, Victoria rocked a sleek brunette bob. After graduating from our favorite 90s girl band and becoming Mrs. Beckham, however, she went for a shorter, sharp, and angled look to frame her face.

The Sarah Palin: Palin took the political world by storm during the 2008 election with her maternal image and Tina-Fey-imitation-worthy Alaskan flare. She caused a craze with her glasses, but also left an impression at podiums with those whispy bangs.

The Marilyn Monroe: Possibly the greatest sex-bomb of all time, Marilyn Monroe's golden ringlets defined the look of Old Hollywood glamour. Stars like Christina Aguilera, Katherine Hiegl, and Megan Fox (who happens to have a tattoo of Monroe on her forearm) have since adapted the famous 'do.

The Rihanna: With banned music videos and a very public battle with ex-bf Chris Brown, Rihanna is no stranger to shock. She's since changed up her locks many times, but it was probably most memorable when she chopped it all off to welcome some edge. Whether shaved, red, blonde, or a mohawk, Rihanna's hair is like a celebrity on its own.

The Kate Gosselin: Well known as the Type-A, fame-whoring mother of 8 slash messy divorcee, Kate Gosselin's defining hairstyle worked as a metaphor for the new low in Reality TV celebrities, really deserving a spotlight all to itself (seriously, though what is that? A bob? Spikes?)

The Ali Macgraw: At the mere mention of her name, the poignant 1970 Love Story theme song starts playing in my head. Ali's extremely straight, long, and middle-parted hair was coveted as the choice low-key look later adapted by hippie fashion.

The Jackie O: We may now fawn over Michelle Obama's dress choices, but Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was one of the first fashion icons to transcend the political world. She popularized the bouffant, a defining look of the 60s which women adored and copied.

Justin Bieber: You may not listen to his music, but you can't deny that you haven't checked this kid's hair out. I mean, how does it always fall in that flawless swoosh across his forehead each time? Pre-pubescent girls adore it, we simply wonder in awe.

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