12 Celebrities Who Admitted They Faced Fertility Problems

Last weekend, model and actress Jaime King took to Instagram and posted a lengthy—and brutally honest—admission: That she and her husband Kyle Newman suffered five miscarriages and a whole lot of heartbreak before welcoming son James in 2013.

“For all the struggling women & moms out there who think they are alone — this is truth about conceiving my son and struggles after,” she wrote in the post.

“(Eight years) of pain & undiagnosed (polycystic ovary syndrome) & Endometrioses… 5 miscarriages, 5 rounds of (In vitro fertilization), 26 (Intrauterine insemination), most with no outcome, 4-1/2 years of trying to conceive, 26 hours of brutal labor, early delivery (because) of sudden preeclampsia, tearing and tearing after the stitches were in once I was home.”

Although the post has since been taken down for unknown reasons, plenty of media outlets and social media followers applauded the 35-year-old’s honesty, and for good reason: Infertility affects 7.3 million women and their partners in the U.S., according to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

Plus, in today’s baby bump and mommy blog obsessed world, it’s refreshing to hear another side of the story: That plenty of women—even those who aren’t particularly old or unhealthy—can face tremendous hurdles trying to have a baby.

King hasn’t been the only celebrity to open up about their fertility challenges, and we’ve rounded up 12—including Giuliana Rancic, Khloe Kardashian, Jimmy Fallon, and Gwen Stefani—who have all publicly (and admirably) talked about difficulties they’ve had conceiving.