12 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Fragrances

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12 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Fragrances
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It seems every celebrity is launching a fragrance these days, from Lady Gaga to Justin Beiber. Some smell surprisingly good, and others, well, they stink. They have the power to create their own scent, or at least partner with a company to create a fragrance that promotes their name. With so many celebrities entering the fragrance world and bringing us clothing and beauty lines, it’s hard to remember who has launched what.

We decided to compile a list of celebrities you’d never guess have fragrances to their name. From athletes to authors, launching perfumes is not just for Hollywood A-listers. After checking out the slideshow let us know how many of these stars you knew had a fragrance tied to their name!

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Akon's Konvict has one of the most unique bottle designs: two separate bottles are connected by a chain and handcuffs. Konvict was launched in 2010 and has notes of bergamot and lemon. Oh, and there's a version for women. Do you find this design appealing?

Who knew athletes could launch a fragrance? Derek Jeter introduced his cologne for men, Driven, in 2006. It also won FiFi's Award for Best Packaging Men's Popular Appeal 2007.

Did you know that Antonio Banderas has a total of 11 fragrances for women and men? He collaborated with Spanish fragrance company Puig and introduced his first scent in 1997.

Carlos Santana introduced his first fragrance in 2005 and has a cologne for men and a perfume for women. His fragrance for men features cinnamon, leather, and cypress. Not too surprising there.

Romance novelist Danielle Steel has a fragrance--not surprising, it has a floral, romantic scent. Danielle by Danielle Steel was launched in 2006.

Donald Trump partnered with Estée Lauder in 2004 to launch his first fragrance, Donald Trump Cologne. It has notes of mint, cucumber, and black basil, and is made with an exotic plant that the company keeps secret. In April 2012 he also introduced a new cologne called Success.

Bruce Willis entered the fragrance world in 2010 with this masculine bottle featuring grapefruit, pepper, and cedar. LR, the company he paired with, also launched a women's perfume called Lovingly this year under his name. It was inspired by his wife, who is the face of the LR company.

In 1987 Cher launched her fragrance, Uninhibited, in collaboration with Parfums Stern company. She filmed two commercials to promote the fragrance, but it was only on the market for two years.

Formula One winner Michael Schumacher has two fragrances under his name. His first was launched in 2002 and his second was named World Champion. Both are marketed as sporty fragrances for men.

Tim McGraw launched two fragrances in 2008 for men--McGraw and Southern Blend. Then in February 2012 he launched a collection with Faith Hill called Soul2Soul that features scents for men and women. The collection's motto is Two Fragrances. One Love Story.

Patrick Dempsey launched Life by Avon in 2011. It's a woody fragrance for men that features African orange flower, geranium, patchouli, and virgina cedar. He also has another fragrance called Legacy, also launched in 2011.

In 2007 Carmen Electra introduced her fragrance in collaboration with LR. The scent is supposed to embody her image and sensuality with coconut and peach. The tagline for the perfume was Just Like Paradise!

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