101 Fashion Editorials to Use for Hair Inspiration

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101 Fashion Editorials to Use for Hair Inspiration
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While we love looking to the street, our favorite bloggers, celebrities, and you guys for hair inspiration, fashion editorials have an undeniable influence on what we’re loving at any given moment. As editorials lend themselves perfectly to fantasy, they are an excellent forum in which to feature the most outrageous and desirable trends, and (as you’re about to discover!) hairstyles are no exception.

Given that we’re loving so many vastly different hairstyles and colors at the moment, we thought it would be the perfect time to share with you our current favorite fashion editorials for hair inspiration. Whether you’re a classic kind of girl who loves polished waves, or you’re looking for a way to switch it up and try something bold and daring, we’re pretty sure we’ve got the goods.

So if you’re ready to be inspired, click through our gallery of our favorite hair editorial looks. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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If there's one style that's at the top of our to-do list right now, it's milkmaid braids.

Perfectly blonde, disheveled waves? Yes, please.

Whether styled in loose waves or sleek and straight, there's nothing better than super long, super shiny hair.

Bangs in all their varieties will always be on our radar. While sideswept bangs are the perfect transition, if you're nervous to switch it up, we love blunt, full bangs if you're feeling brave.

Platinum hair isn't for everyone (and definitely can go horribly wrong!), but when done right it can look amazing.

We're really feeling old-school, glamorous waves at the moment. The best bit? There's a way to wear them at every hair length.

Making a statement with your hair is the easiest way to change up your look. A dramatic chop or crazy color change should do the trick!

Serious volume is always in, especially for a special event.

Colored hair has been around for several seasons now and doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

Nothing works better to polish waves than a braid across the crown.

While vastly different, we love this polished yet sophisticated bob and blue-streaked 'do equally for summer.

Sleek hairstyles are the perfect way to combat the heat. Whether you go for a sleek bob or polished bun, you're all set for summer!

Photo: /StyleCaster Rachel Adler

Ponytails are absolutely everywhere at the moment. We love the slicked back look!

When we see editorials like this, we feel somehow compelled to throw away the styling tools and embrace our natural waves...

While no one pulls off a platinum bob quite like Natalia Vodianova, a honey blonde hue is much more wearable.

Sophisticated waves or bejeweled hair accessories add a grown-up touch.

Slick, straight hair with perfect ends? Don't mind if we do.

Poodle-esque curls and 80s crimped styles may be harder to pull off in real life, but look undeniably amazing here.

This is exactly how we want our hair to look at the beach this summer.

Slightly ombre hair still has our hearts.

Braids are officially the hair trend of the season and we maintain we will never get sick of trying new styles.

There's something so appealing about a voluminous, wavy bob that has us considering a change for fall...

There's no better way to wear your new mid-length hair than in beachy waves.

Classic waves are always in.

Nothing makes our hearts beat faster than a super long, messy braid.

We've been loving the possibilities of updos recently!

Have we mentioned we still love bangs? Here's more proof.

It seems that nearly every celeb has tried red at some point and why not? We maintain there's a shade to suit almost everyone.

Beach hair looks equally good loose with a headband or pulled back into a low ponytail.

We think we'd die happy if we could achieve this much volume...

If you're not brave enough to try a true bob, ease into it with a cut like Olivia Palermo's that just reaches your shoulders.

Sixties-inspired hair has never looked so good.

Changing your part is an easy (and completely free!) way to make your hair look completely different.

Top knots and braids are going nowhere this summer.

Again with the braids. We literally cannot get enough.

We may not be brave enough to try an all-over hue, but streaks of pastel are a super easy way to make your hair scream summer.

Glossy, center-parted waves will forever be one of our favorite go-to looks.

Volume, backcombing and super shine? Leave it to supermodels to make us want to try this at home.

Both these looks are absolutely perfect. Period.

We are kind of intrigued by the various knotted styles we've been seeing in editorials recently as they seem to somehow be appropriate for both the weekend and a red carpet event. Who knew?

Super short or super long? Somehow they both work.

If you're blessed with long, long hair, you can't go wrong with a super straight style or gentle waves.

If we had to pick a favorite shade for summer, we'd have to go with pastel pink or orange.

Perfectly set, shiny waves are nearly always the answer.

Two very different blonde beach looks, but we love both.

Slicking back your hair or lopping off your locks will instantly bring out your cheekbones.

We want perfect model hair, too.

We're super envious of anyone with blonde hair in condition this good.

Gentle, undone waves with serious volume somehow look polished but not too much.

Taylor Swift has amazing natural curls, but long disheveled locks and bangs also seem to suit her perfectly.

Photo: Vogue US Feb 2012/

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