101 Easy Hairstyles To Try This Weekend

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101 Easy Hairstyles To Try This Weekend
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When we finally make it to the end of the week, we’re looking forward to about a million things: sleeping in late, catching up with friends, and going to Sunday brunch – of course. While we’re more than excited to spend some of our off hours in hair masks and the like, our packed social calendars beg the question – “What am I going to do with my hair?!” Quit freaking out, beauty girls. We hunted down 101 effortless, chic and totally easy hairstyles for you to try this weekend (and the next weekend and the next weekend).

Are you a “Long hair, don’t care” kind of girl? Did you recently decide to make a ballsy move and chop off your locks in favor of a short, edgy cut? Whatever your hair length, we found a hairstyle (or 50) you can rock in a matter of minutes. Plus, whether you’ve got pin straight or naturally wavy hair, there’s style for every kind of texture. We’re excited to try out some of these looks this weekend, and we hope you’ll be inspired to try something new.

Which hairstyle do you want to rock this weekend? Tell us in the comment section below! 

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Jennifer Lawrence is drop dead gorgeous with a golden blonde blowout. 

(Left) For Lauren Conrad's do, pin up your wavy hair into a low, loose bun and leave out the shorter pieces in the front. 

(Right) Sophia Bush's low pony tail is effortless. Pull hair into a low pony and wrap a piece around the elastic to hide the band. Leave the front pieces down. 

The girls of Glee know how to stun simply. 

(Left) Dianna Agron's short, choppy layers can be styled with hair wax. Mess hair up a little bit to give it an edge. 

(Right) Lea Michele gives an Old Hollywood Glam vibe with her loose waves off to one side. 

(Left) Jessica Simpson leaves her hair flowing but twists and pins a small piece on the side. 

(Right) For Rihanna's updo, pin hair up in the back and leave your bangs to frame your face in the front. 

(Left) Jennifer Aniston's hair is almost as simple as it gets with a middle part and beach waves. 

(Right) Jessica Alba shows off her flawless skin with a tight pony. Bonus points for the ombre color. 

(Left) Rachel McAdams leaves her hair down with tousled curls and a grown in root. 

(Right) Charlize Theron pulls silky, straight hair into a mid-height pony with a part. 

(Left) Beyonce knows how to rock a side braid. For an even more carefree summer look, leave a few shorter pieces out of the braid in the front. 

(Right) Mila Kunis' low bun with a side part is super simple and chic. 

(Left) Elizabeth Olsen's hair is the epitome of easy, breezy. Pull hair into a low bun and twist your long bangs to the side. 

(Right) Have bangs like Leighton? Try a straight down, pieced look with some voluminous straight hair. 

(Left) Carrie Underwood's looking fabulous with a bit of a bump and some fingered-through curls. 

(Right) Minka Kelly knows how to get this "I barely did anything and still look great" look down. Pull hair into a low bun and leave your long bang free. 

(Left) We love Hayden's feminine bun, simply pulled back. 

(Right) Candice Swanepoel looks gorgeous by leaving her supermodel locks down and flowing. With a bit of a curl and a middle part, her silky waves are perfect. 

(Left) Got short hair? Halle shows off her short locks with a jumbled curl. 

(Right) Meranda Kerr's face can stand out with a tightly pulled bun. Slick hair back with some hairspray and fasten with an elastic. 

(Left) Mary-Kate Olsen clearly understands how to use braids as accessories. Pair a braid crown with beachy waves. 

(Right) Emily VanCamp has a bit of a bumped bun and a tightly pulled back bun. This look a go-to for an edgy night out. 

(Left) Sarah Jessica Parker can do no wrong. Her ombre curls are to die for. 

(Right) Eva Mendes nails the low pony with a deep side part. Leave a few pieces out at the front of your face. 

(Left) Eva Longoria's long hair is excellent for a long side braid. The wave of her bangs paired with the style makes this combination a winner. 

(Right) Lily Collins makes us want to try this half-up, half-down look stat. Tease the hair at the crown of your head and pull into a half-up do. Blow bangs straight and part them on the side. 

(Left) Heidi Klum wears a sleek, slicked back do with a side part. 

(Right) Gisele Bundchen's wavy ponytail can go from a red carpet event to the beach. 

(Left) Kate Beckinsale's volumized ponytail is perfectly paired with volumized, wavy hair. 

(Right) Sandra Bullock's hair is loosely pulled up, with a side part and a few face-framing pieces. 

(Left) We're obsessed with Kristen Bell's waves paired with a center part and half pinned up. 

(Right) Whitney Port has got a Grecian-inspired hair do down. 

Sister, Sister

(Left) Kim Kardashian departs from her usual loose waves. 

(Right) Kendall Jenner dazzles with a center part, wavy pieces, and a top bun. 

(Left) Giuliana Rancic does it better than most of the celebrities she interviews with a tight low bun. 

(Right) Nicole Richie leaves her bangs smooth and straight down, while her tiny bun is perfectly placed on top of her head. 

(Left) Hilary Duff uses some ribbon to accent her side braid. 

(Right) Ashlee Simpson's short hair is taken up a notch with one side smoothed back and one side silky and straight. 

(Left) Kirsten Dunst does a casual side braid with a few loose pieces. 

(Right) Christina Applegate does a low bun off to the side. 

(Left) Want to go a little nutty this weekend? Try some lavender hair like Kelly Osbourne's! 

(Right) Reese Witherspoon is smoking with some dark roots and bedroom hair. 

(Left) Shenae Grimes gets the rocker look with tons of product, wave, and a half-up, half-down style. 

(Right) Ashley Tisdale looks polished and feminine with this style. 

(Left) Katie Holmes' bangs are impeccable, and when paired with her ponytail, are flawless. 

(Right) Scarlett Johansson wears a braid crown like royalty. 

(Left) Audrina Patridge shows you how to rock a hat on the days when your hair just won't do what you want it to do. 

(Right) Paris Hilton kills this wavy, low style. 

(Left) Gwyneth Paltrow makes the low ponytail look so chic. 

(Right) Jessica Biel's locks are enviable here. 

Fanning Face-Off (in Yellow, Flowery Dresses)

(Left) Elle goes clean and simple with some dark roots and tiny waves. 

(Right) Dakota pulls her hair back, but not without leaving some shorter pieces in front of her ears. 

(Left) Kate Moss goes for a touch of the wet look, while still maintaining the model off-duty look. 

(Right) J. Lo's hair is the reason the Bun Donut was invented. 

Effortless Emmas 

(Left) Emma Stone's hair always looks great, but we're especially loving this style for the weekend. 

(Right) Emma Roberts works her above shoulder-length hair with a side swept look. 

Comedienne Chic

(Left) Whitney Cummings leaves the top of her hair loose and pulls it together in a tight bun. 

(Right) Chelsea Handler's straight hair is made a touch more feminine by pinning back some front pieces. 

(Left) Michelle Trachtenberg makes her high bun so tight, and her face is the center of attention. 

(Right) Natalie Portman also does a bun, but with a mid-height and a side part. 

(Left) Lo Bosworth brushes back her locks into a straight pony. 

(Right) Malin Akerman makes men swoon with her beach waves and low bun. 

(Left) Karlie Kloss wraps the elastic of her low pony with a piece of hair for an elegant finish. 

(Right) Jenny McCarthy pumps up the volume with a retro curl look. 

(Left) Zooey Deschanel's casual bangs and to-the-side hair make us love her even more. 

(Right) Jennifer Hudson leaves her long mane curled and natural. 

(Left) Gwen Stefani gets the tiny top bun down. 

(Right) We're obsessed with Rachel Bilson's hair in this shot. 

(Left) Gabrielle Union is glowing with a voluminous, middle part, gorgeous hairdo. 

(Right) Emma Watson perfects how to use the baby hairs in front of your ears as a hair accessory. 

(Left) Demi Lovato's uncomplicated bun leaves us wanting to try this look on Saturday night. 

(Right) Selena Gomez waves all of her hair and then fastens it into a low, side ponytail. 

(Left) Zoe Saldana leaves her velvety smooth hair off to one side and parts it to the other. 

(Right) Penelope Cruz has pieced bangs and a ponytail with a bob. 

(Left) Miley Cyrus and her short, ombre hair are perfection. 

(Right) We love the small detail of Victoria Justice's style not being pulled behind her ears. 

(Left) Bethenny Frankel knows how to wear a hat to brighten up an outfit. 

(Right) Salma Hayek goes with a side braid, middle part with bangs, and a bit of a tease. The final product is gorgeous. 

(Left) Christina Hendricks rocks her big hair into a half-up, half-down style. 

(Right) Demi Moore does a messy yet adorable side ponytail. 

(Left) Shakira's style can go from day to night. 

(Right) Emmy Rossum adds a tiny braid to a ponytail to give it a hit of mystery and intrigue. 

(Left) Megan Fox's dark locks are sultry and gorgeous. 

(Right) Kaley Cuoco looks sweet as anything with her tight pony. 

(Left) Madonna still knows how to look fabulous at the drop of a hat. 

(Right) Julianne Hough has sleek, straight hair and pulls it low. 

(Left) Portia de Rossi does a blowout with her layered cut. 

(Right) Mandy Moore looks dapper with a straight, off to the side style. 

(Left) Sienna Miller's top bun is better than a ballerina's. 

(Right) Olivia Palermo's staple look is updated with a twist on either side. 

(Left) Penelope Cruz makes her hairstyle greater by making it slightly unpolished. 

(Right) Christina Milian has a bouncy, full of body side do. 

(Left) Christine Teigen always looks flawless, and we love this simply stylish hairstyle. 

(Right) Brooklyn Decker pins back a small amount of hair just at the forehead. 

(Left) Annalynne McCord pairs gorgeous curls with a hat for an unbeatable combo. 

(Right) Hilary Swank looks swanky as ever with this hair. 

(Left) Michelle Williams looks stunning with this headband as an accent to her short locks. 

(Right) Milla Jovovich leaves half her hair straight back, and half wavy and down. We love this look. 

(Left) Diane Kruger is right on trend with a pulled back look. 

(Right) Jennifer Love Hewitt is a bombshell beauty with smooth, blown out layers. 

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