10 Wedding Makeup Tricks From the Runway

Rachel Nussbaum
10 Wedding Makeup Tricks From the Runway
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We wouldn’t exactly call it groundbreaking news that weddings are stressful. There’s the family, the other family, the venue, the food, the dress, and the million tiny decisions that go along with each one—it’s no wonder the reality show industry is drawn to it, the process is enough to crack the most sane among us. And worst of all, some of the decisions actually matter past the main event. We’re talking beauty.

If your family’s anything like ours, the photos are going to end up in a huge, heavy scrapbook, to be passed down and flipped through whenever anyone needs a good laugh. With this in mind, we’ve learned that it’s best to keep it classic with wedding day makeup—but that doesn’t mean you can’t take any hints from the runway. Tricks like luminous white eyeshadow (just please apply with a light touch, we beg you) and matte skin will keep you looking good for decades to come, and while we can’t promise that you’ll still look hip with it when the Jetsons’ future finally comes to pass, we can say with some assurance that at least your descendants won’t be laughing at you (too hard).

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Matte with a Glow: Matte skin looks hyper-perfect, but can look flat if you stick to a single tone. Add a light bronzer to emphasize cheekbones, like at Burberry Prorsum, and get a glow without looking overdone.

Light Eyeliner: Most everyone wants to look like their best self on their wedding day, but it's easy to lose the "self" bit of that when you get caught up in the Pinterest wedding makeup ideal. If you wear eyeliner everyday, go ahead and line lids just a touch lighter than at Versace, for a look that you can still see yourself in.

Dark Rosy Lips: Rose-toned lips are the perfect accompaniment to matte skin, for that natural-but-better look that seems equally at home in a Keira Knightley period picture and on the runway at Lanvin.

Fuchsia Lips: Sure, people say there's a red for everyone, but somehow we're still looking for the right "no, really, we're not a clown" one. In contrast, we've got at least four different fuchsia lip products in rotation. Paired with thick, groomed brows and matte skin (who could have called it), the look at Diane von Furstenberg is wedding ready.

Liquid Cat Eye: A good cat eye is both elegant and dramatic, and the look at Dolce and Gabbana was just that. Insanely beautiful brows and a burgundy lip are right for the confident bride who isn't just dealing with being the center of attention, but loving it.

Peach Lips: On the other hand, more natural-loving brides can take notes from the look at Stella McCartney. With barely perceptible liner, peach lips and matte skin (seriously), good genes become merely a happy addition. Also track down whoever did her lighting, because they appear to be a magician.

Blunt Bangs and Nude Lips: Pucci's runway beauty looked like a mix between Jean Shrimpton and Jane Birkin, and it just so happens those icons are neck in neck for our favorite. Get the look with neutral, almost clear gloss, diffused brown eyeshadow and eye-grazing bangs. Good luck getting down the aisle without additional marriage proposals, though.

Gray Shadow and Pink-Stained Lips: We're not entirely in favor of the hair at Prada, but we couldn't be more in love with the gray eyeshadow and pink stain combo (what a coincidence, a thing we like)!

Elongated Eyeshadow: Natural-leaning brides will favor the look at Balmain, with faint, slightly elongated eyeshadow and balmy lips. Look good, but not like you're trying to.

Vivid Lips and High Cheekbones: Remember everything we said about not being able to guarantee looking good with the Jetsons? Yeah, forget that. The look at Dior is where the future's headed if we have anything to say about it, so go all out with vivid, saturated lips, silvery eyeshadow and cut-glass cheekbones. So good.

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