10 Ways to Avoid Getting Chapped Lips

Michelle Grossman
Close-up Of Woman Pouting

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With the cold weather in full swing, there’s definitely some changes to be made in our daily routine. As we make the switch from iced coffee to hot tea, we find something different when our lips touch the mug, other than the drink that’s inside. Things feel rough and sensitive, and at that moment we already know, we have chapped lips.

While chapped lips are a common occurrence, that doesn’t mean that they’re one we have to deal with. Our lips are super sensitive, but by taking some super simple steps, we can keep them smooth. All you have to do is follow our guide to avoid chapped lips, below, and you’ll be cracking a smile, instead of your lips, all season long.

1. Stay hydrated. Preventing chapped lips starts from the inside out, so be sure to drink lots of water as it helps to hydrate the inside of your body.

2. Watch out when you’re washing your face. When your cleansing your skin, be mindful of your lips. Running your cleanser over your lips can actually dry them out, as many facial washes contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, which can alter your pH balance.

3. Always use a balm. Lip balms keep your lips moist, so they are essential for avoiding chapped lips. While most balms do the trick, look for one that has a petroleum or beeswax base, as these provide a barrier to prevent you from losing any moisture.

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4. Bundle up. When the weather’s cold, we cover up to protect our skin and keep warm – the same should go for our lips. Don’t just wrap your favorite knit scarf around your neck, take it up to your mouth, because wind plays a huge role in causing chapped lips.

5. Don’t forget the lip scrub. Exfoliating your lips keeps them fresh and smooth, which is the opposite of chapped. Plus, if your lips are beginning to get chapped, this is the way to stop the process in its tracks, as it will scrub away any dry patches before they crack.

6. Or the sunscreen. Just because it’s not summer anymore doesn’t mean it’s time to ditch the sunscreen. While the temperature may be dropping, the sun’s rays are still in full force, and since our lips don’t produce as much melanin as the rest of our skin, they need a little extra protection. So, opt for a lip balm that contains at least SPF 15 to keep things healthy.

7. Stop licking! While it may feel like licking your lips adds some hydration to them, it actually dries them out. When the saliva on your lips evaporates, the natural moisture found on your lips goes along with it.

8. Be aware of what you’re putting on your lips. Lipstick is a must, so we’re not suggesting you give it up, but just that you know a little bit about the formula you’re using. Matte and long-wearing lipsticks may not be your best bet when you’re trying to steer clear of chapped lips, because they usually contain types of alcohol, that strip your lips of their natural moisture, just as licking them does.

9. Breathe through your nose. Breathing through your mouth is one of the simplest way to get chapped lips. Luckily, breathing through your nose instead, is an even easier way to prevent them.

10. Heat up the humidifier. Dry air can damage your lips, so crank up a humidifier while you sleep to put some moisture back into the air.