10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Curly Hair

Michelle Grossman
Woman with curly hair


Curly hair can be both a blessing and a curse, since having hair loaded with texture can also bring along some troubles. At times, our curls can seem unmanageable, and we find ourselves wishing we had naturally straight hair, instead. However, we have to learn to not only work with what we’ve got, but also love it. So, below, we’re filling you in on the top ten tips to help you embrace the best natural curls, ever.

1. Trying to shower with a hairnet. Although it may sound a little crazy, it’s definitely worth a try. Wearing a hairnet in the shower will allow you to get your hair clean while still maintaining your curl structure.

2. Skip out on shampoo. Hear us out on this one, please. We don’t recommend that you ditch the shampoo and full-on embrace dirty hair, but the chemicals in shampoo are not the best for curls. They’re harsh and can strip curly hair of the oils that it needs to keep things shiny and healthy. Not to mention, curly hair is highly porous, which means it is almost impossible to wash shampoo out entirely, leaving you with build up and frizz.

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3. Deep condition. While we’re not in favor of shampoo when it comes to curly hair, we’re all for conditioner. Maintaining moisture is so important for curly hair, and there’s no better way to do so then by deep conditioning. Conditioning on a daily basis is important, but deep conditioners are made specifically to penetrate your hair’s many layers.

4. Only comb in the shower. Combing your hair while it’s still wet in the shower will reduce frizz and keep your curls looking put together and uniform.

5. Air dry when possible. Let’s face it — blow drying curly hair takes forever. Too much heat is damaging to your curls and will strip them of their moisture. Save your time and your curls by letting your hair air-dry.

6. But, don’t dry hair with a towel. Instead, opt for paper towels or a t-shirt. Blotting excess water from your hair with a towel can be too rough on your curls. Using a paper towel will allow you to remove excess water, without risking possible hair follicle damage. While, drying your hair with a t-shirt will also reduce breakage, as well as frizz.

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7. Don’t forget the diffuser. If you need to blow-dry your hair, make sure to use a diffuser. This will minimize frizz because it distributes heat more evenly.

8. Sleep on satin. Resting your head on a satin pillowcase at night will protect your curls from getting frizzy or flat, so you can wake up nightmare-free.

9. Only trim dry hair. Cutting wet hair can lead to disaster. Since curls shrink when they’re wet, cutting curly hair accurately is best done when it’s dry.

10. The right haircut makes all the difference. Long layers are a curly-haired-girl’s best friend – they give your hair dimension, liven it up, and allow your curls to be bouncy and move freely. Find a stylist who knows curly hair, and trust their technique!