10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Removing Your Makeup

Michelle Grossman
Mladen Mitrinovi / Getty Images

Mladen Mitrinovi / Getty Images

If there’s one rule we’re told never to break in the beauty world, it’s removing our makeup before bed. While it’s definitely a thought in our head to just let the shadow stay put once we hit the sheets, the truth is that failing to remove our makeup will cause way more problems than just some product pile-up on our pillows. Whether you’re wondering why taking off your makeup is so important, what happens if you forget to, or what the right way to remove it is, we’ve got the answers to all of your questions.

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1. It needs to be done before you sleep: We all know the struggle of not wanting to take off our makeup before bed because we’re just too tired for the task, but it’s seriously important that we fight through the yawns and do it anyway. While we sleep, our skin regenerates itself, but if our pores are still filled with makeup, they are unable to breathe, disabling restoration from taking place.

2. Problems can occur if you skip it altogether: Failing to remove makeup before bed will cause congested skin, which leads to breakouts, fine lines, and both puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

3. Makeup remover wipes aren’t enough: While makeup remover wipes may seem like a quick and easy way to remove your makeup, they don’t do the job completely. Makeup remover wipes will only remove product from the surface of your skin, which isn’t sufficient enough when it comes to makeup removal. If you’re going to use makeup wipes, use them as a first step to take most of your makeup off, but always go in with a cleanser afterwards.

4. Always tie your hair back beforehand: Although it seems like a no-brainer, putting your hair in a ponytail is pretty important when it comes to removing your makeup. By getting all the hair out of your face, your hairline will be exposed, which is essential since a lot of makeup residue tends to build up there.

5. Make sure to double-cleanse: When you’re cleansing your face to remove makeup, two-timing is the way to go. The first wash is to remove the makeup, and then the second is to properly clean the skin. Plus, your second cleanse should also be used to massage your face to boost circulation, which will keep your complexion healthy and glowing.

6. Start with your lips: Removing makeup should be done in steps—and the first step is your lips. Whether it’s a bold color or a nude, neither will look too good smeared all over your face. Remove your lip color first to avoid any future messes.

7. Move onto your eyes: Next up is your eyes. The most important thing to remember when removing your eye makeup is that the surrounding skin is very thin and delicate. This being said, you need to be very gentle and always remember to never rub. For best results, soak a cotton pad in eye makeup remover, and simply hold and pat it onto the eyes for a few moments, which will soften and loosen up the makeup so you can softly wipe it away.

8. Petroleum jelly can work wonders: If you’re having trouble removing your dark eye makeup, try applying some petroleum jelly instead. Trust us, you’ll be surprised how effectively this removes even the most stubborn waterproof formulas.

9. Lastly, take off your base: The final step is removing your foundation. Apply your makeup remover to your face and follow up with a quick rinse. Then, continue on with a toner, and finish up with a moisturizer to hydrate your skin.

10. Steam is your friend: To take your makeup removal one step further, try soaking a washcloth in hot water. Let the washcloth cool for a few seconds, and then place it on your face. The steam will open up your pores and help remove any excess dirt that may be left over on your skin.

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