10 Sunscreen Alternatives to Those Greasy Lotions

Danielle Pistono

Now that summer is here, it is important to keep your skin protected at all times. Even if you are just going for a stroll though the park, the sun can do some serious damage. One of the major problems in SPF protection is that not everyone likes putting greasy and thick sunscreen on their faces and bodies before going outside. It is crucial to protect your skin though from the sun no matter where you are going.

Sprays have been out for a while and are a popular alternative to the basic lotions. What most people don’t know is that there are also mists, sticks, powders and even wipes that are available as lightweight sunscreen alternatives.

This list provides other sunscreen options that many of you may not have even known about. It doesn’t matter what route you decide to take in terms of sun protection, as long as you end up being safe when having fun in the sun, and hopefully these options will inspire you to try something new.


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