10 Summer Beauty Tips From the Victoria’s Secret Angels

Augusta Falletta

With summer around the corner, the time has come to get our beauty routines into gear for the warm weather. Our skin is about to get major exposure, our hair is about to absorb some super salty water and our makeup needs to become waterproof so we don’t end up melting midday. Everyone has certain habits they start getting into when the weather gets warmer, but there’s always something left to learn, and because there are no women on the planet more bikini-ready than the Victoria’s Secret Angels, we knew their summer beauty tips would be phenomenal.

Whether you’re wondering how to get the perfect sunless tan or what to use to eat to stay in bathing suit-ready shape, Candace Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss and the other Victoria’s Secret Angels have some sage advice. Take a look at the summer beauty tips from some of our favorite models and tell us your best summer beauty trick in the comments below!

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