The 10 Stages of a Girl Getting Her Haircut, As Told By GIFs

Augusta Falletta

“Your hair is your crown,” or at least that’s what hairstylists say. It’s true – for most girls, if you’re having a bad hair day, it’s just a bad day all around. The opposite is also true, though. When we’re feeling great about our hair, it’s like nothing can go wrong that day. But, when your internal clock tells you that time is up on your current style and you’re reaching for the phone to book an appointment with your stylist, it’s not always a pretty picture. We’ve all been here, and we all know how gut-wrenching a new hairstyle can be if it goes awry. We’re not talking about a trim, ladies. We’re talking full blown, bring a picture in for your stylist, tell your friends a big change is a’coming, haircut. Below are the inevitable stages that every girl goes through when getting this haircut, as told by GIFs. Our advice? Read this before you take any drastic measures.

You’ve got long, flowing hair, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

long hair gif

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Until one day, you’re just sitting there, minding your own business, when one of three things happens.

A.) You have what is to be considered, by far, the worst hair day of your life:

bad hair day gif

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B.) Your boyfriend (not Ryan Gosling, but your real life boyfriend, because Ryan would never do that to you) breaks up with you:

break up gif

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C.) Or, you see Miley Cyrus being interviewed on some TV show looking ridiculously good with her grown out pixie and you’re all, “Okay, Miley, I have no idea what you’re saying but wow, your hair looks good!”

miley cyrus short hair gif

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And whichever of these three things happens, your reaction is always the same. “I need to cut my hair immediately! GENIUS!”

genius lea michele gif

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On the search for the perfect cut, you take to your Macbook for some late night Pinning on boards you’ve titled “The New Me!” or “Short Hair, Don’t Care!”

5 late night computer

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You head to the salon, Pinspiration in hand, tell your hairstylist to chop it all off!

cutting hair gif

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You walk out of that salon looking better than a shampoo ad.

hair commercial gif

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The next day, you wake up and take a shower, only to find out that it’s more likely for Ryan Gosling to actually be your boyfriend than for you to be able to style your hair to look the way it did when you left the salon.

anne hathaway gif

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In a move of denial, you say to yourself, “Maybe if I try a cute new style?!”

changing hairstyles gif

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Wrong. This time, you shop for hair extensions, then quickly realize that your fake long hair looks more “Amanda Bynes” than “Lauren Conrad.”

amanda bynes hair gif

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You settle on flat ironing your hair, because every little bit of straight hair counts as more length than curly hair. Then, once you’re sick of pin straight hair, you settle on a tiny ponytail, because at least that way no one can tell your hair is short from the front.

rihanna short hair gif


Eight weeks out, your hair is completely fried and your ends are more split than Brad and Jen. In a moment of sheer defeat, you call your hair dresser to get a trim, and you bulk order biotin and fish oil supplements on

zooey deschanel crying gif

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But even though you’re not happy with your hair, it’s okay, because it will inevitably grow back. Plus, you’ll always have “Crazy, Stupid Love” on DVD, and that just makes everything better.

ryan gosling crazy stupid love gif

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