10 Shocking Celebrity Transformations

Caroline Murray
10 Shocking Celebrity Transformations
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Jessica Simpson was spotted out and about recently, trying to revamp her post-pregnancy body. The blonde bombshell said she gained around 60 pounds during her pregnancy, and is using Weight Watchers to get her former body back.

Jessica Simpson: The New Face of Weight Watchers

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Demi Moore has had it rough lately, so we'll give her a pass on looking beyond skinny these days. But we will say we miss her former gorgeous self. How many people can wear lilac with a bow on the back and look so sexy?

Would You Wear a Mini Into Your 40s?

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In her pre-mama days, Nicole Richie was a little heavier, but definitely not fat. So when she began to lose weight, we think Nicole went too far, and lost more weight than necessary.

Could You Do A Bang?

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Jonah Hill went from heavy to handsome pretty fast! The funny man looks far more dashing in a tux and we like to see him looking big and strong too.

2012 Red Carpet Makeup Awards

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The Help star packed on a few extra pounds when she was having her second child, but her healthy glow proves Bryce is gorgeous regardless of her weight!

Jessica Chastain Did WHAT?! To Her Hair?

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In 2004, Mary-Kate Olsen bravely fought her eating disorder when she entered a treatment facility. Just a year later, she was looking healthy and happy (see left). However, since then she seems to have backslid. Although she certainly doesn't look as emaciated as she did at 18, we like this fashion guru with fuller, healthier-looking cheeks.

Celebrity Sister Style Wars

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We get it, the end of The O.C. was devastating, but it was no excuse for Mischa to let herself go. That said, the actress has been working hard at the gym to tone up her body, and we respect how much effort she put into getting this figure (right).

Were These Celebrity Looks Fierce or Fugly?

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We don't know if it's her voice, constant smile, or incredible attitude that inspires us, but we think Jennifer Hudson always looks beautiful. Heavier during her American Idol days, she was a knockout, but we love her healthier approach to life too.

Jennifer Hudson To Launch Clothing Line

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Kirstie Alley has long battled with her weight and is well-known for her role as spokesperson for Jenny Craig. She may not be skin-and-bone, but this actress has come a long way since her bigger days and looks great for her age.

Do Your Friends Make You Fat?

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When we first saw this picture of Janet Jackson in 2006, we could hardly believe it was the same woman! Luckily, the musician got back into shape quickly and now women can only dream of getting those killer abs.

Janet Jackson's Short Cut

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