10 Products to Keep in Your Emergency Beauty Kit

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10 Products to Keep in Your Emergency Beauty Kit
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An emergency beauty kit is essential for girls on the go. If you’re going from work to drinks with the girls or end up staying at a friend’s, you need to keep some must-have products with you for touch-ups without doing your entire beauty regimen. Every kit will be different depending on what your lifestyle is like, but these necessary products will keep you looking and smelling fresh, no matter how long you’re out on the town.

Find travel sizes in your favorite products and keep them in a small cosmetic bag you can slip into your purse or overnight bag. Forget heavy makeup as it’ll make you look more tired and instead opt for a more natural look that glows. While mascara is always great to have on hand, eyeliner and dark shadows can crease and give you an undesirable effect, especially in the morning or if you’ve been up for long hours. Flip through the slideshow for the essentials that will save you from any beauty blunders.

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Reduce the amount of products in your emergency kit by finding 2 in 1 products. Add some color to your lips and cheeks for a complexion that looks fresh and not tired. (Josie Maran Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain, Sephora.com, $19)

By the end of the afternoon your face may be feeling a bit oily. Get rid of any shine and excess oil with blotting papers. These won't budge your makeup or clog your pores. (NYX Blotting Paper, Sephora.com, $2.87)

Pack a concealer that doubles as an eye cream and has SPF to keep you protected and to hide any dark circles under your eyes. (Neutrogena, 3-in-1 Concealer For Eyes, Drugstore.com, $9.79)

A deodorant is a must when you're on the go. Find a travel size one that's clear so it won't get on your clothes and has a strong anitperspirant to keep you dry, no matter how long you're away from the house. (Secret Flawless Clear, Drugstore.com, $4.99)

You never know when you'll need a Band-aid (or two) when your shoes give you blisters so it's wise to always keep these on hand. Opt for sheer so they're less noticeable. (Band-Aid Sheer Adhesive Bandages, Drugstore.com, $3.99)

You can still get gorgeous hair with volume even if you don't have time to shower. Crashed at a friend's place last night? Bring a travel size bottle of dry shampoo that will nourish your hair and add volume. (Oscar Blandi Invisible Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray, Ulta.com, $11)

Have a compact mirror on hand so you can easily do any touchups anywhere. This Disney Cinderella compact will have you feeling like a princess. (Disney Cinderella Collection by Sephora Compact Mirror, Sephora.com, $20)

Keep small fragrance rollerballs or sprays in your bag for a quick spritz. For girls on the go these rollerballs are great for smelling good all day (and night) long. (Marc Jacobs Rollerball Trio, Sephora.com, $38)

No one wants to end up with bad breath or food stuck in their teeth. This 2-in-1 brush and paste will fix that and it'll easy fit in your on-the-go bag. (Fresh & Go 2-in-1 Brush and Paste Toothbrush, Drugstore.com, $2.49)

Of course, you need a cute cosmetic bag to throw everything into. This one is glamorous and you can keep it in your purse any time you're on the go. (Nine West Cosmetic Case, Macys.com, $25)

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