10 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid On Your Wedding Day

Augusta Falletta

makeup mistakes to avoid on your wedding day

There are many days in your life when testing out the latest lipstick color or the newest false eyelashes is perfectly acceptable, but your wedding day is not one of them. With all of the planning and preparation that goes into your big day, you want to look back on your time as a bride with smiles, not with regret for the makeup you wore on the biggest day of your life. Whether you’re a bride-to-be or you’re merely dreaming of your perfect wedding, insure that you look your best on your wedding day by avoiding these 10 makeup mistakes:

1. Wearing the wrong color foundation. Even if you have to mix three foundation colors to find the right match for your skin, this is no time to say, “Eh, it’s a little dark but it’ll do.” Going too light can make you look like a doll while going too dark can make you look like you’ve painted your face, and either one shows up looking even more exaggerated in pictures. Start testing out foundations about 3 months before your wedding and continue testing based on if you’re spending more time in the sun or experimenting with new facial products that could affect the texture of your skin.

2. Not using waterproof mascara. This mistake goes for wedding attendees as well as the bride, but not using waterproof mascara is possibly the biggest mistake you can make. Weddings are emotional celebrations, so tears are almost guaranteed. Avoid the Lauren Conrad mascara tears with a waterproof formula.

3. Forgetting to exfoliate before applying lipstick. Whether you choose lipstick or lip gloss, exfoliation before application is so, so necessary. Use a sugar scrub and your toothbrush to buff away dead skin an put a moisturizing mask on your lips overnight to make lips soft and smooth for application on the morning of your wedding.

4. Applying your blush like a doll. Meaning: Don’t go too rosy and make sure you blend, blend, blend. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks making sure the shade you choose isn’t too dark or too bright.

5. Putting on makeup without moisturizing first. If you’re going to spend all of this time and money on making your makeup look perfect, don’t ruin the whole look by applying cosmetics to dry, flaky skin. We suggest using a face mask you’ve tried before about three days before your wedding, using face oil the night before and face lotion the day of.

6. Wearing eyeshadow that’s not in a natural color scheme. We all love a good emerald green eyeshadow, but save it for girl’s night out. A smokey eye can look beautiful on your wedding day as long as it’s blended and the colors are within a natural color scheme like browns, tans, creams and taupes.

7. Hiring your “friend who’s great with makeup” as your makeup artist. If you’re going to hire a makeup artist for your wedding day, make sure you go with a professional. Your friend who’s great with makeup may actually be great, but if you get all made up and you’re not happy with the result, telling a friend you don’t like something can get ugly. Stick with someone who’s feelings won’t be offended if you want to alter what they’ve done.

8. Not putting a covering over your face when putting on your dress. Most dresses these days can be stepped into, but if you’re wearing a dress you need to put on over your head, be sure to use a covering like a large canvas makeup bag over your head to avoid getting makeup on your dress. Similarly, make sure to wear a button down or zip-up shirt when you’re actually doing your hair and makeup to avoid ruining your makeup when you’re changing.

9. Not having oil blotting sheets. Matte foundation can solve some oily skin issues, but be sure to have oil blotting sheets with you for touch-ups throughout the day. Between all of the exciting moments and family members and friends celebrating with you, you don’t want to be shiny for pictures.

10. Skimping on concealer. Overusing concealer is also just as bad, but don’t make this the day to underuse a product that can make a world of difference. Dark circles under your eyes never look good, especially in wedding photos.

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