10 Of Our Favorite Easy Beach Hairstyles

Julia DiNardo
10 Of Our Favorite Easy Beach Hairstyles
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Beach hair will always be in; the sexy texture, tousled waves, and slightly oceanic aroma puts the mind at ease and gets it geared up for vacation mode. Regardless of if your hair is induced into the beachy look naturally or with the help of some fab products (Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and Garnier Fructis Surf Hair Texture Paste are some of our favorites), get inspired to try these fab beach hairstyles at home or on the coast.

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Channel sultry sexiness by parting your hair somewhat severely to one side; gather and pin a few strands at about the center of the neck to secure the deep part.


Dress up the tousled, beachy wave look by framing the face with a few tiny straightforward braids.

Do an updo literally as you're stepping out from riding a mean wave; manipulate your mane smoothly back with a fine tooth comb, grabbing and rolling the sides in and pinning back behind the head .

Got somewhere to be in a jiffy? Grab the top half and sides and bring, slightly taught, into a chic mini chignon, letting the rest of your hair dangle in the breeze.

Got bangs? Wavy, slightly frizzy bangs are hard to make look good, so skip it! Instead smooth down the bangs and roots with a shine spray or serum and let the bottom two-thirds of your hair fall into rumpled perfection (scrunch and spray with a texturizer for extra effect).


Once your beachy hair dries and the sun is beating down on you, lift it away from your body with an intricate milkmaid or fishtail braid -- just steer clear of a dozen small ones, ala Bo Derek.


Bored with the naturalness and purity of straight-up beach waves? Add a pop of color via extensions or some dip dye to instantly give your hair a grungy-chic aesthetic.

Since you're sporting beach waves, add a touch of motif quirk with ocean-inspired hair accessories like star fish, shells, or something perhaps a little fiercer, like sting ray or shark accoutrement.


The only thing sexier than beach waves? Beach waves with a half undone braid trailing down the back! Start the braid, then abandon it, pinning into place slightly above the nape.


Don't be afraid to incorporate an over-the-top adornment or unconventional article into your hair -- going a little eccentric with headwear looks much better on beachy hair than flat-ironed, poke straight glossy locks - trust us!

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