10 Essentials For: Growing Out Your Hair

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10 Essentials For: Growing Out Your Hair
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You’ve already gone through the 10 stages of getting a haircut, you’re now at the last stage and you’re desperately trying to get your hair to grow…fast! While bulk ordering biotin pills and clipping in hair extensions may make you feel better, nothing will truly do the trick except seeings results of your hair actually growing in length!

Grow your hair thicker, longer, stronger and quicker with these products that truly help to stimulate your hair growth at a faster rate so you can let your hair down, run your fingers through those tresses…and be worry free!

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If you're ready to grow out your hair, you need these 10 essential tips.

Did you know that regular scalp massages help to increase the blood flow and circulation...in turn helping to increase hair growth? You'll be wanting one of these!

Head Neck Scalp Massager Massage Stress Release Gold, $2.23, Tmart.com

Want longer hair, faster? This long and strong conditioner strengthens your hair with an anti-breakage formula for all hair types! Are your strands ready for this intense moisturizing growth conditioner? 

Not Your Mother's Way to Grow Long & Strong Conditioner, $5.99, Drugstore.com

Restore and drastically improve your hair condition with this all-natural hair nutrition.  Shea Terra Organics hot oil growth and repair work by feeding nutrition to the roots of your hair while coating it with herbs and oils to repair limp, damaged hair. 

Shea Terra Organics Hair Nutrition Hot Oil Growth & Repair Treatment, $28, SheaTerraOrganics.com

Comb on thicker, richer, fuller looking hair.  With the Hairpro Luxor Laser hair therapy, you can get better looking hair with the comb that has 9 lasers combined with 6 LEDs, making it the world's most advanced laser hair treatment. 

Viatek HairPro Luxor Laser Hair Treatment, $400, ViatekProducts.com

Does argan oil really work? Argan oil is known to help stimulate growth and strengthen hair to make it grow healthier.  It deeply nourishes, hydrates and strengthens hair, plus it smooths down frizz, preventing split ends and leaves your hair silky soft. 

Morooccan Oil Treatment, $43, MoroccanOil.com 

Known to be nature's solution for thinning hair, this exfoliating scalp revitalization system features a shampoo, conditioner, and a scalp revitalizer to energize and rehabilitate the scalp.  Used all together, invati promises to restore strength and improve hair elasticity while reducing breakage and remove any buildup produced on the hair cuticles on your scalp. 

invati system, $110, Aveda.com 

So soothing, this exfoliating scalp spray sheds away old layers as it washes away impurities from the hair follicle and scalp. The cedar leaf ingredient calms an irritated scalp while the rosemary oil strengthens the scalp and the camphor oil stimulates blood circulation, resulting in a healthier scalp, which in the end guarantees healthier hair! 

Carol's Daughter Lisa Hair Elixir Scalp Spray, $22, CarolsDaughter.com 

Start to strengthen and protect your hair with this Organix Moroccan Oil kit, which includes a shampoo, a conditioner, and a penetrating oil that will also fight frizz and moisturize dry, brittle hair.

 Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Starter Kit 3-pk., $9.99, Target.com

The #1 hair growth vitamin for treating thinning hair and promoting existing hair growth in women and men is Viviscal.  A number of factors can effect hair growth, which is why that whole range of factors, including stress, hormonal changes, over-styling, poor nutrition and others are covered.  

Viviscal Hair Growth 1 month program, $49.99, Viviscal.com

Apply this hair growth and hair loss repair product to stimulate blood flow on the scalp daily, distributing nutrients to your hair follicle and detoxifying your scalp.  Jane Carter's solution restores hair and balances the scalp for optimum hair growth! 

Jane Carter Solution Restore Grow Great Hair, $30, JaneCarterSolution.com 

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