10 Editors Share Their New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

Aly Walansky

Julia Khusainova/Getty

We always have a lot of resolutions when it comes time for the new year. Some may have to do with work or money, school, relationships, or even our health. Quite a few have to do with beauty, though! Whether it’s to take better care of our bodies from the inside-out or do a better job of following our own advice, beauty editors have some pretty interesting resolutions. Some may even mirror a few of your own!

“Mine is to Clarisonic my face at least twice a week. When I’m consistent, it makes a difference in dramatically reducing clogged pores and blackheads.”
Amber Katz, Rouge18.com

“I want to be better about eating specifically for beauty. I’ve been historically good about avoiding tons of cholesterol and chemicals, but my diet isn’t necessarily doing as much as it could or should in terms of giving me radiant skin or glowing eyes. This is the year of berries for dessert, I think. I’m also resolving to do a better job of all over moisture each day. I’ve always been diligent about my face, neck, and legs… but when the going gets lazy, the lazy “forget” parts like arms, shoulders, and bellies. That’s gotta stop, I want those parts to still look good in 10 years, too!”
Bryce Gruber, Editor of TheLuxurySpot.com

“This past year I’ve gained interest in and started practicing meditation. For 2015 I want to deepen my knowledge of Transedental Meditation and strengthen my spiritual relationship. It’s done wonders for me so far!”
Jeannine Morris, Founder of BeautySweetSpot.com

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“The only time I force myself to relax and sit down during a super hectic life is during yoga. I don’t even bring my phone to the gym, the lights are turned low, and my body is actually moving outside of my sit-in-a-desk-all-day posture. Post-yoga I feel like I can take on the world in the most zen way possible, so I’m definitely adding more vinyasa to my schedule in 2015.”
August Falletta, Buzzfeed Beauty Editor

“Contour! It has been a painstakingly slow transition for me to incorporate a little cheekbone-enhancing magic into my daily routine. And with so many great kits and less orange-y looking shades, I really have no excuse. Right now, when I remember, I really enjoy using Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Peaceful. I know it’s a blush, but it’s a good nude shade for my pale complexion.”
Theresa Romano, Managing Editor, BeautyStat.com

“A new year means a chance to try something new and different. One area of skincare I have tended to avoid is eye cream. I have really sensitive eyes so I tend to shy away from heavy eye products. However, I’ve noticed those fine lines starting to creep up on me so as we move into 2015 my goal is find an eye cream that helps me keep my youthful glow.”
Misti Schindele, Entertainista.com 

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“My beauty new year’s resolution is to take more time to do restorative and repairing beauty treatments. Usually if something takes more than three minutes you can count me out, but I have the product so I might as well dedicate the time to face masks, hair masks, eye gels, and the like.”
Julia DiNardo, editor, Fashion Pulse Daily

“Ever since my Breville broke, I’ve been out of the habit of juicing. So my beauty resolution is to buy either the NutriBullet or splurge on a Vitamix and start juicing again!”
Lara Eurdolian, PrettyConnected.com

“My new year beauty resolution is to not go so long in between haircuts. I know, I know, I’m the worst! My hair grows super fast and with the bleaching and heat styling that I do, I really need to get a cut every 2-3 months, as opposed to the every 4-6 months I do now. Eeek!”
Jamie Stone, HonestlyJamie.com

“Believe it or not, my resolution is to learn to blowout my own hair. With baby #2 on the way and a move to the burbs in my near future, I don’t know how I will have time to fit them in or even if I’ll have a local place to go. I scored the Buttercup blowdryer from DryBar, so I’m on my way!”
Anne L. Fritz, Editor, TheJetSetGirls