The 10 Best Curly Hair Options For Brides On Pinterest

Summer K

As a curly-haired girl with a major frizz phobia, I always laugh when my friends (of the straight hair variety) ask me why I don’t wear my hair “natural.” To them, this means cute and bouncy ringlets and curls. To me, this means hours and hours of shampooing, deep conditioning, anti-frizz hair serum, air drying and then enough hair spray to asphyxiate a small village.

Obviously not every girl with curly hair faces these same issues, so it’s gratifying when you see a beautiful bride NOT sporting a freshly blown-out cut or updo. In fact, after doing some Pinterest stalking, I was able to find 10 lovely curly looks for brides that might actually make me rethink my next keratin treatment.

Whether you’re rocking a short style or have miles and miles of curls to spare, these hair inspirations are ideal for anyone that loves a softer aesthetic that’s both modern and romantic.

Click through the slideshow above for 10 great options for your big day and beyond.

[All images via Pinterest]

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