10 Christmas Nail Art Ideas to Jazz Up Your Holiday

Rachel Adler
10 Christmas Nail Art Ideas to Jazz Up Your Holiday
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As you get ready to spend the day with family and friends, we’re sure you already have an appropriate outfit planned – but are your nails also in the holiday spirit? While we don’t recommend going all out with glitter makeup on Christmas (save it for New Years ladies) you can have some fun with nail art (and impress the kiddies) for the festive holiday.

Whether you’re a nail art pro or are going to have to take these designs to a salon, we have plenty of ideas for you. Some you can actually even pull off yourself, trust us – and ALL of them are going to wow your family. Plus, don’t forget to tweet us your nail art with the hashtag #NailCall to be featured on our site (and to show off your fancy manicures)!

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This nail design was inspired by the infamous ugly Christmas sweater and it's various patterns.

Images via Madumluck.blogspot.com

Candy canes are a classic nail art design, and we haven't seen a better pattern than this one.

Image via Pinterest/Shannon Wachter

These adorable Santa hats are perfectly disheveled, like he's been working hard this year.

Image via Pinterest/NailsMag.com

These striped candy cane nails are decked out with a variety of spirited holiday designs.

Image via enamelgirl.blogspot.com

There wouldn't be a Santa Claus without a Mrs. Claus of course, and this adorable separated costume design is to-die-for.

Image via PolishPedia.com

Everyone knows that Santa's sleigh can't be pulled without his reindeer (especially Rudolph!) so why not paint them on your fingertips?

Image via Pinterest/TheNailasaurus

If you don't want to blatantly scream Christmas but still want to get into the spirit, try a bit of plaid on your nails. Adorable, no?

Image via Pinterest/DianaNidwitz

How cute does Santa look on these fingers? Don't go overboard painting them on every single one, take a cue from this picture and use coordinating colors for the rest of your nails.

Image via Pinterest/Amber Pennington

This is another great example of a manicure that could any time of year, but is great for the holiday season – from Christmas to NYE.

Image via Pinterest/Ana Alessandra Hanson

Again with the holiday sweaters. This manicure is actually a gorgeous example of a sweater pattern on the nails that conveys the holidays.

Image via Nailyoudown.tumblr.com

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