10 Beauty Resolutions We Made for 2013 That May Inspire You Too

Rachel Adler
10 Beauty Resolutions We Made for 2013 That May Inspire You Too
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As we all know, New Year’s is all about reflecting back on the memories of the year that has passed, and celebrating the year that is ahead. So basically, dressing up in your hottest sequins (and best faux lashes) for a night out with friends that you’ll never forget. But, while you’re out having the time of your life, the conversation generally turns to your resolutions at some point during the evening. While many people resolve to work off the pounds that they have most likely put on during the holiday season, a lot of us simply want to stick to better habits all around, whether that be in our relationships or beauty routines.

After giving it some thought, we’ve gathered our beauty resolutions for 2013. Some seem easy to maintain, like staying consistent with our dental hygiene habits or washing our makeup off each night, while others (like finally figuring out how to do a salon-worthy blowout) are harder to tackle. Flip through our list of resolutions and feel free to borrow for your own list – and of course, let us know in the comments below what you’ve resolved to do this year.

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"It may sound simple, but my resolution for 2013 is to wash my face every night before I go to bed. Between a hectic schedule and a real laziness problem when it comes to my beauty routine, I'll all too often just crash with my makeup still on. But every time I take the time to really wash my face before I hit the pillow, I notice a difference when I wake up!" - Laurel Pinson, StyleCaster EIC

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"Now that clean hairstyles are starting to edge out beachy waves, I plan to actually learn how to blow out my own hair this year. I still love my natural curls, but it's time to add another look to my rotation." - Wendy Rodewald, Daily Makeover Senior Editor

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"To get at least 8-9 hours of beauty sleep every day – going to bed early to feel refreshed in the morning!" - Kailin Villamar, StyleCaster Account Manager

"Since middle school, I've been—depending on your opinion— blessed or plagued with the impulse to change my hair as often as the urge hits me (read: often). I've had every hair color, cut, and treatment in the book, and while I'm glad I'm not obsessive about my hair (it grows back!), I'm using 2013 to try and move toward finding a signature look—a style and color that I know looks good and will ease my desire to run to the drug store at 1 a.m. because I simply can't wait for the salon to open to try out a new color." - Perrie Samotin, StyleCaster Senior Editor

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"My beauty resolution for 2013 is to start using under eye cream every night before I go to bed. Unfortunately I think I've hit that age." - Leah Bourne, StyleCaster's The Vivant Senior Editor

"I resolve to finally use all of the fancy masks and peels that I've accumulated this year! I have so many products in my bathroom at the moment that I need to take advantage of, and the new year is a great time to do it. It will be nice to be able to look in my bathroom cabinet and know which products really work for me." - Victoria Barton, StyleCaster Junior Team Member

"Considering the fact that it is pretty rare for anyone to keep their resolutions anymore (let's be honest) I'm sticking with one that I know I'll keep - dying my hair. I've wanted to go platinum for years, and although I have dyed my hair pretty much as blonde as can be, I haven't taken the leap yet. 2013 is the year for me to be more bold with my look (no one is getting any younger here) and the lighter locks will force me to wear more bold lipstick – can't wait!"- Rachel Adler, Beauty Director for Beauty High

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"One of my resolutions is to keep improving my dental hygiene. For the first time the cleaning lady at my dentist office told me I had good dental hygiene. I think it is from using toothpicks and flossing more so I want to keep that up and keep my teeth healthy." - Ari Goldberg, StyleCaster CEO

"I'm shaving my head completely because of my balding. I'm also going to try to grow a beard. Complete change from my current look." - Matt Miller, StyleCaster Corporate Coordinator

"This year I really want to take better care of my skin. In an effort not to set my goals too high, I'm going to start simple: moisturizing more and touching my face less." - Rachel Siegel, StyleCaster Community Manager

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