10 of Beauty Bloggers’ Biggest Beauty Annoyances

Aly Walansky

Tweezing eyebrows

For the most part, beauty is fun. We love getting our hair done, going to relaxing spa treatments, and playing with new products. However, there’s some super annoying parts of the project of pretty – and we asked our favorite beauty editors to share just what they hate the most!

As for us, our biggest annoyance is the fact that we spend a lifetime at the nail salon, waiting for our manicure to dry – only to chip it 5 minutes later. It’s the nail version of post-blowout walking into a rainstorm (which also makes us want to go into a serious rage).


“Mine is click-pens – I live in fear of the day they run out and not being able to prepare in advance with a backup. So I tend to hoard them and then never use them. Except for YSL Touche Eclat, of course, of which I keep at least 2 backups at all times.” – Amber Katz, BeautyBloggingJunkie.com
Waves of Frustration
“I have super thick and naturally wavy (not a pretty wavy, mind you) hair. It never fails, the day that I really REALLY try to take time with my blowout and straightening, as soon as I look in the mirror at whatever party or function I deemed worth the extra time on my tresses, I see that one wonky wavy section I missed poking through. EVERY TIME!” – Kristin Utterback, Latest-Hairstyles.com

Pluck Evermore

“I’m constantly annoyed by the random stray eyebrow hairs that pop up literally the day AFTER I get them groomed. It’s like they’re doing it on purpose as preemptive revenge for my future plucking!”- Bryce Gruber, The Luxury Spot.

Sticky Situations

“I hate when I’m wearing lip gloss on a windy day and my hair gets stuck to it.” – Anne Fritz, The Jet Set Girls.

Blowout Be Gone

“I have an unfailing gift for leaving long-awaited blowouts and stepping outside into gentle yet determined mists, rainstorms or hurricanes.” – Dina Fierro, Eye4Style.com

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Melt Happens

“Accidentally leaving my makeup bag in the car on a hot day and everything melting into a puddle of goo!” – Lianne Farbes, Beauty Expert & The Makeup Girl.

Messy Mascara

“I hate it when you fall in love with a mascara only to discover halfway through the day that it’s one of those annoying ones that leaves you with a major case of raccoon eye. So annoying!” – Chrissy Callahan, freelance beauty and fashion editor.

Wax On, Wax Off

“I hate when waxers leave glops of bikini wax behind. You think everything is okay, and suddenly your underwear is stuck to you and it HURTS. Not only is it bad form to not clean up your work, but it’s painful to have to go on a post-wax treasure hunt later to find and carefully remove the leftovers. NOT okay.” – Kristin Booker, FashionStyleBeauty.com

Tweeze Inferno

“I’m super Type-A and cannot stand having a brow hair out of place. I get them professionally plucked every 4-5 weeks and clean them up on my own in between. Having them sporadically grow in before I’m due for a shaping drives me crazy. I carry a tweezer in my purse, because even one stray hair will occupy my mind until I remove it!” – Jeannine Morris, BeautySweetSpot.com

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