10 Bang Styles and Expert Tips to Get Them At Home

10 Bang Styles and Expert Tips to Get Them At Home
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Once you get bangs, it may seem like there’s only one way to style them from then on out. They can make versatile hairstyles seem pretty much impossible. We’re here to prove that logic wrong. Whether it’s a blunt bang, side-swept style or fringe you’re rocking, there are plenty of ways to change it up. It just takes a little inspiration and expert tips to get you the styled bangs you’ve been craving.

These ten celebrities we’ve rounded up above sport all kinds of different bangs in so many different styles. And, with the help of celebrity hairstylists Derek Williams and Clariss Rubenstein, you can change up your bang style too. They gave us great at-home tips and tricks you just have to try this weekend. You’ll never want to grow out those bangs after these inspirations and tips!

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To add volume to your bangs like Reese's, blow dry with your head upside down to give the hair lift at the roots. To keep this hold in the roots, spray a little of L'Oreal's EverStyle Volumizing Mist. The mist spray is light-weight for such a focused, small area. "Bangs with heavy product look greasy and dirty," emphasizes Rubenstein.  

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To separate bangs like this, use a small comb to pull the bangs away from the face while blowdrying. Then use a low heat flat iron on the ends to smooth out and direct hair.

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Avoid using a round brush when styling blunt bangs said Rubenstein. "Start with very wet bangs and use a flat brush such as a paddle or denman brush. You will end up with '80s bangs if you use a round brush on your blunt bangs."

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The key to bangs is to not overthink it explains Williams. "Don't start using a flat iron or round brushing too much, because that's when you can really mess up your fringe." Waterhouse's bangs here are the perfect example of how low-key bangs can actually be. 

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For a gorgeous swoop effect to your side-swept bands, Williams recommends round brushing your side-swept fringe off to the side. It will leave you with a natural wind-fan look. 

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To get sleek bangs like Emma Stone's, use a nozzle on your hairdryer and direct the airflow straight down from the roots. It'll result in this shiny glamorous look.

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If you want your bangs to look thick like this, you can cheat with a subtle placement of a bobby pin. Tuck under the bottom hairs and pin to your bangs with a small, hair-colored bobbypin for this poof effect. 

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When it comes to product on your hair that is touching your face, less is more advises Williams. He reommends Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. "It's a great go-to for a little product on your fringe since it's not oily and gives your hair great grip and texture."

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A deep side part is key when sweeping your long bangs over to the one side. To hold, spray hairspray in your hand and run over the top of the hair to keep to the desired side. 

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Don't completely cut off your bangs where they end on your hairline when wearing a blunt bang with an updo. Have some longer pieces fall around your face. "I think letting pieces fall around your face and on either side of your fringe, making sure that the style is a little undone, is a great way to keep an updo modern," explains Williams. 

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