10 Bad Beauty Habits To Break

10 Bad Beauty Habits To Break
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Yes, being overly stressed qualifies as a bad beauty habit -- maybe some of these habits are even the source of your stress. According to Dr. Amy Wechsler, chronic stress can cause hair loss, wrinkles, adult acne, puffy eyes and other unpleasant external side effects (in addition to the emotional and psychological toll that stress already causes).

Find out how to stop stressing in 2011 now!

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This is probably the number one bad beauty habit on every woman's list. If you don't remove your makeup before bed, products can build up in your pores and cause breakouts.

On nights when you go out and all you want to do is fall into bed, we find Ponds Clean Sweep Cleansing & Makeup Removing Towelettes to be total lifesavers. When you have more time before bed, scrub your face with an invigorating cleanser that contains makeup remover, like Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil.

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Audrina Patridge is actually committing two beauty sins here - tanning and over-plucking - but we'll save the sin that is tanning for a little later. Just like certain hairstyles flatter certain face shapes, so, too, do certain eyebrow shapes and thicknesses (but never too thin; that just leads to you looking surprised all the time) work best with certain face shapes. Plus, full eyebrows like Jennifer Connelly's are totally in again.

Eyebrow guru Anastasia Soares explains how to get the perfect eyebrows for you.

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If you absolutely can't give you hair a rest and go au natural at least one or two days a week, make sure you use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week to give your moisture-starved follicles some of their essential nutrients back. And before you even go near your hair with a heated tool, be sure to use a thermal protecting spray that will protect the inner core of your hair and stop the heat from doing any permanent damage.

Check out the top 10 products that will help bring the life back into your hair!

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We agree that glowing skin is quite enchanting; however, there is absolutely no excuse for continuing to expose yourself to harmful UV rays that can cause melanoma. There have been wonderful advances in the field of self tanning in the past few years, and your friends and family members will be glad to hear you gave up this bad beauty habit.

Are you a self-tanning novice? You need Self-Tanning 101.

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You clean your hairbrush and change your toothbrush, right? So why do you let your makeup brushes, which you use almost daily and put near your eyes, fall by the wayside? Try to clean your brushes once a week. Use a mild shampoo and let them air dry. If it's good enough for your hair, it's good enough for your brushes!

Need new brushes entirely? Here are some of our favorites.

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We know, it's so tempting to attack the whitehead that's threatening to take over your face, but doing so may cause scarring, and the oil from your fingers can lead to - gasp - more acne. Banish acne before it even starts this year with these expert skincare tips from board certified dermatologist Dr. Hilary Reich.

Have a breakout? Don't freak out; here's how to deal.

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Anne Hathaway makes sure to apply sunscreen daily, and she has good cause: According to the American Cancer Society, one person dies of melanoma every hour.

Preventing skin cancer is as easy as using a moisturizer every morning with SPF. One of our favorite drug store buys is Neutrogena's Oil-Free Moisturize with SPF. Since it's oil-free, it won't clog your pores and cause break-outs!

Try on Anne Hathaway's hairstyles in the Makeover Studio!

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No matter why you bite your nails, if you want to make this year the one you finally stop, try giving yourself incentives like the promise of your favorite limited edition Chanel nail polish - but only if you make it through the work week without biting.

There are also polishes that promise to help nail biters - they usually have a harsh-tasting ingredient that make nail biters stop gnawing. We, of course, prefer the nail polish incentive approach, but then again we are beauty editors.

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She's only 17, but Taylor Momsen has clearly fallen into a makeup rut. Even if you don't do your makeup like raccoon-eyes Momsen, chances are you've fallen into a bit of a rut when it comes to your everyday makeup.

This year, resolve to change up at least one product in your daily beauty routine. If you use brown eyeliner, try navy; you'll find that it can make your eye color pop. Sure, it seems like a minor change, but in the doldrums of winter, going makeup shopping makes everyone happy!

Find new makeup in the Makeover Studio!

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