The 10 Most Addicting Beauty Routines: How to Break the Habit

The 10 Most Addicting Beauty Routines: How to Break the Habit
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If there is one area in life we all splurge every now and then, it’s in our beauty regime. Nothing makes a girl feel better than a new haircut or a fresh manicure. And while these are just some of life’s simple pleasures (nothing to feel guilty about), some of our habits can cause a strain on the bank account.

You’d be surprised at what beauty routines you could live without (and which ones you should live without). From fake tips to fake tans to fake hair and everything artificial in between, here is our list of the top 10 most addicting beauty habits. Click through the slideshow above to read our advice on how to kick an old habit and save a few bucks at the same time.

Please Note: Not all of these habits are bad and some of them are definitely necessary every now and then (um, hello, who could live without a pedicure!?) We are only suggesting to trim back on weekly, or even monthly, trips to your salon so you can save up for something you really want… (a new purse, anyone?)

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Everyone loves a sun-kissed look, but like so many other addicting beauty routines, highlights come with a lot of up-keep. Ask your stylists about balayage highlights for a more natural looking way to lighten your hair. Plus, you can get away without a trip to the salon for a few extra months.

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If you are one of the many women that religiously get your tips filled, it may be time to retire your fake nails and see the damage done to your natural ones. Not only is this beauty routine a money sucker, but you risk getting an acrylic nail fungus. Why put yourself through the pain?

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Contrary to popular belief, boxed dye isn't that big of a no-no. If you are a veteran hair-dyer ask your stylist about boxed-dye options. She can walk you through the essentials and save you some bucks in the process!

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We've all seen the newscasts. We know what being addicted to tanning can look like. Avoid the fake and bake and opt for a sunless version. We like these convenient towelettes for a quick sun-kissed look on the go.
(Kate Somerville, $45,

"Get eyebrows done" is a common task on every women's to-do list. But why sweat the small stuff? If you maintain the shape and tweeze every few days you can cross one more thing off your list for the week!

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A revolutionary way to do nails, women everywhere swoon at the idea of only getting one manicure every three weeks. No chips, no smudges, no hassle! And while these manicures really are the best thing since sliced bread, you may start to notice your natural nails are a bit brittle and weak after continuous gel manicures. Give your nails a break in between gel manis to protect those precious tips.

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Women everywhere can suddenly go mascara free with the latest and greatest in fake hair -- eyelash extensions. But before you burn your eyelash curlers, make sure you have a budget for a touchup every 6 weeks. Just like regular hair extensions, you have to compensate for hair growth.

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Few things in life are better than a relaxing 60-minute facial. And while we aren't suggesting you bypass the luxury all together, why not recreate the sensation at home. By using a Clarisonic at night you are virtually giving yourself a mini-facial before bed.
(Mia Clarisonic, $119,

Love the way your feet feel after a 30 minute pedicure? Who doesn't. But you could save yourself a few bucks by just soaking your feet in the tub for a few minutes before applying a fresh coat. And if you're really lucky, maybe you could convince a special boy in your life to give you a 10 minute rub down.

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Nothing can be more addicting than those handy-dandy whitening strips, but we all know how much one of those kits can spike up your monthly grocery bill. Do what Julia Roberts does to maintain her million dollar smile and brush your teeth with baking soda! Trust us, it works.

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