The 10 Best Acne Products for Problem Skin

Emily Albrent
The 10 Best Acne Products for Problem Skin
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Problem skin doesn’t just happen when you are a teenager, it can unfortunately happen at any age. Many of you may not realize, but June is acne awareness month and we are here to help you with 10 of the most noteworthy acne products that will be sure to improve your already beautiful face.

We hate waking up to a random pimple and feeling self conscious about it the whole day (don’t you?). It’s time for us all to wage war against dirty pores and clean up our act with some of the best acne products out there. Tighten those pores, clear out those blackheads, and get ready to step out into the world with a fresh face worthy of a close-up.

Take a break from your crazy day, and sneak a peek at our slideshow above and snag a couple of these products for yourself!

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Not only is the packaging adorable for this product, but the oil-free salicylic acid treatment will clear up your skin in no time with a delightful orange scent. (Philosophy Clear Days Ahead Oil-Free Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Cleanser, $20,

If you are prone to oily skin, this is the product for you! Excess oils will disappear as this deep-cleaning product clears pores and cleanses your face to perfection. (Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque, $43,

Get rid of the day with this product that digs deep into pores and eliminates problem skin so you don't have to worry about pesky pimple flare ups. (Murad Acne Complex Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel, $54,

Is your skin "misbehavin'" this summer? No worries! Calm your skin and reduce inflammation at the same time while still fighting acne with Dermadoctor. (Dermadoctor Ain't Misbehavin' Medicated Acne Control Serum, $45,

Clean out those blackheads before they get worse! Not only will this make your blackheads disappear, but it will shrink and improve your pores every time you use it! (Dr.Jart+ Black Label Detox Pore Penetrator, $24,

Zap away any unwanted zit with this clear fast-acting treatment. It is gentle enough so you can re-apply it as many times as you want in a day, but powerful enough to take care of that blemish and prevent new ones from forming. (Benefit Cosmetics Boo Boo Zap, $16,

This product is worth the splurge! It is the first and only device of its kind to combine a bacteria-killing blue light, a sonic vibration and a warming sensation to clean out each individual pore. (Tanda Clear+ Professional Acne Clearing Solution Device, $195,

Great skin starts with an amazing moisturizer. Start your day with this lightweight, fresh lotion that won't clog your pores. (Dr. Brandt Blemishes No More Oil-Free Hydrator, $35,

Relieve discomfort caused by acne and take care of both body and face breakouts! (Sprayology Acne Tonic, online only, $26,

You can have the best of both worlds! Conceal and treat problem skin by being able to choose from 3 different shades. (Murad Acne Complex Acne Treatment Concealer, $21,

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